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Five Non-Scary Games That Are Terrifying


Bungie Finds Problem With Destiny Update, House Of Wolves Release May Be Affected

… Affected … A problem with last week's update has just been identified. … Bungie Finds Problem With Destiny Update, House …

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Reader Discussion: Will You Use Your Real Name For Next-Gen Gaming?

… Gaming? … Both Microsoft and Sony will allow users to be identified by their real names on their next-gen consoles. …


EA Identifies Last-Gen Weakness Rather Than Quality For Battlefield 4 Sales

… 4's quality didn't impact sales, rather it was a change in market conditions. … EA Identifies Last-Gen Weakness Rather …

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Less Is More With This Abstract Street Fighter Art


The Gun Peddlers Of Pandora


The Last Of Us Part II Leaks Didn't Come From Sony Or Naughty Dog

… Sony says it has identified the individuals responsible, but the investigation …

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Learn The ABCs Of Video Games


Diablo III Auction House Back Online After Exploitative Bug Forced Blizzard To Suspend It

… the auction house in profitable ways. The bug has been identified, and taken care of, and has resulted in money that …

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How Resident Evil 4’s Directors Approached Designing The Remake

… their initial hesitation to remake the game and how they identified areas ripe for enhancement. … How Resident Evil …