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Replay is Game Informer’s weekly journey into the rich history of video games. GI editors dust off games from every genre and platform imaginable in an attempt to recapture the magic of the games we’ve all grown up with. Join us every Friday at 2pm CST to relive fond (and not so fond) memories from gaming’s glorious past.


Replay: Metal Warriors (Guest: Aram Jabbari)

Atlus's PR manager recently swung by GI, and we invited him to select any game he wanted for a special episode of Replay. He chose Metal Warriors, a childhood favorite from LucasArts for the SNES.

Replay – Robocop

Freeze, punk! On this week's episode of Replay, we check out an Xbox interpretation of the classic film franchise.

Replay – Quackshot

Join three of the biggest (read: only) Quackshot fans in the Game Informer office as we plunger-gun our way through Duckberg, Mexico, and Transylvania in this under-appreciated classic.

Replay – Ape Escape

Join Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and Tim Turi as they embark on a quest to reclaim as many apes as an episode of Replay allows.

Replay – NARC

It's hobo-killin' time as we jump into the awesome arcade classic. Just say no!

Replay – Crash Bandicoot

Sony's attempt at their own mascot didn't really hold up in the long run, but is Crash's first outing still fun almost 15 years later?

Replay – Altered Beast

This short but tough game allowed players to transform into werewolves and lizardmen, and it's still cool as hell.
super replay

Super Replay – Overblood

We play through the entirety of a 1997 survival horror title that you've never heard of. Join Weinerless Steve and Pipo as they embark on their journey.

Replay – Glover

Many ask us to revisit classic games like Super Metroid or Mario 64, but sometimes fervent fans ask for something less Glover.

Replay – Crystal's Pony Tale

Gallop alongside the GI crew as they take the reins and journey through the wondrous lands of this criminally overlooked Genesis gem.