Replay – Resident Evil Survivor

by Tim Turi on Jan 22, 2011 at 03:00 AM

Resident Evil is one of my favorite series of all time, but even this stellar series is not without its black sheep. Rotten, undead black sheep. One particularly sour title is Resident Evil: Survivor, a lightgun game for the original PlayStation... without lightgun support. The result is an awkward FPS survival horror game. Back in 2000 Resident Evil: Survivor received a 4/10 from Game Informer... but what do we think of it now?

Join Dan Ryckert, Andrew Reiner, and myself as we begin on a crash course through a zombie-infested town occupied by Umbrella.

A Special Note:

Did you like Super Replay: Overblood? Thought so. We did too, and the community response to the game has been phenomenal. We want you to take part in the selection process for an upcoming Super Replay of some old, crappy survival horror games. We kick off a series of four special Replays with this week's Replay Roulette, in which we select the first candidate for an Overblood successor. So what do you have to do? Simply watch all the Replay Roulettes over the next four weeks and choose your favorite potential Super Replay game. After we've sampled everything we'll post a poll where you can decide which crappy title we'll eventually have to play all the way through, purely for your enjoyment and our own sadomasochistic tendencies.


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