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Destiny 2's Newest Crucible Mode, Breakthrough, Is Now Live

by Suriel Vazquez on Sep 25, 2018 at 02:17 PM

Back in July, we detailed one of the new Crucible modes Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion would bring with it post-launch: Breakthrough. Although it's centered around capture points, all eyes are on one point at a time, and it's a bit more modal than most Crucible modes, as the objective shifts depending on which team managed to capture the initial point. If that sounds like your thing, you're free to try it right now.

Following this week's update, the mode is currently the featured Crucible playlist, letting players test out the mode for themselves without worrying about other modes turning up instead. Of course, with the weekly reset comes a new weekly that offers powerful-grade gear (which is the only way to up your power level in Destiny 2) for completing five matches, making it even more enticing to knock out a few rounds of the mode this week. 

Anyone is free to access the mode from the playlist, but only those who own Forsaken are able to create private lobbies using the mode. PlayStation 4 players also have access to an exclusive map until Fall of 2019.

For more Destiny 2: Forsaken, check out or recent cover hub detail the changes the expansion brings to Bungie's RPG-shooter.

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