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Lady Dimitrescu Needs To Be Added To Monster Hunter

by John Carson on Sep 17, 2021 at 05:45 PM

Monster Hunter has been a nexus for crossover content from Capcom franchises to surprise collaborations with properties like The Witcher. Today we got confirmation of an incredible new Palamute layered armor that transforms your ridable hunting pup into Mega Man’s robotic dog companion. With at least one Capcom collab set for release this fall, I wanted to touch on some characters, weapons, or armor I’d like to see added into Monster Hunter Rise. Beware of spoilers for Resident Evil Village below!

While Monster Hunter World had a few guest monsters to hunt, we haven’t seen creatures from outside the series added to Rise yet. However, I think this next Capcom addition could be the perfect time to introduce an exciting new creature to hunt. One that's very different from those we've fought before. When it comes to imposing monsters, Lady Dimitrescu has many of the Capcom bosses kneeling at her feet. Standing at 9’6” tall, she’ll tower over any hunters in the field, though a little exaggeration in her height for effect wouldn’t hurt.

Her inclusion as a hunting target would introduce a unique gimmick: a humanoid monster. Very few beasts in Monster Hunter get close to the shape of a human, let alone a towering aristocrat. In this form, Lady D can use her sword-like claws to attack and have swarms of insects attack the hunting party. Though this is just one form of Lady D, she can transform into a mutated dragon-like body, much more akin to the Wyverns we’re used to taking on in Monster Hunter. If you haven't seen it, it's like Capcom somehow made a more disturbing version of Khezu.

Imagine a multi-phased encounter that begins with Lady Dimitrescu stalking you around the map, taking death-dealing swipes at the hunters in your party. She then brings out her trio of daughters for help before taking her final, disgusting dragon shape for the final act of the fight. Using Parts from the monstrous dragon body could be used to build classic Resident Evil costumes, or even a layered armor set featuring Lady D’s white dress and elaborate hat.

But that’s just one possible Capcom collaboration I’d like to see, even if it is rather large in both height and scope. Which Capcom characters or costumes would you like to see come to Monster Hunter Rise? Do you like my phased Lady Dimitrescu battle scenario? Let your voice be heard in the comments!

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