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Killer Instinct

343 and Microsoft Give The Rundown On The Arbiter In Killer Instinct
by Javy Gwaltney on Feb 28, 2016 at 05:42 AM
Platform Xbox One
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Developer Double Helix
Rating Teen

A little bit ago Iron Galaxy was dropping teases and trailers left and right that the Arbiter was on the way to Killer Instinct. Those who have been wanting more details are about to get them as the official Halo site just put up a massive post revealing customization options, combat styles, and the design philosophy behind this particular incarnation of the popular Halo character.

The key points revealed in the post are as follows:

  • A list of 8 different armor customization options for the Arbiter that players will be able to use, all of which pay tribute to Halo's lore: Kaidon, Arbiter, Combat, Storm, Ranger, Commander, Zealot, Ascetic.
  • During matches Arbiter will be able to use a Type-51 Carbine, plasma grenades, and an energy sword.
  • The Arbiter's stage is "the Arena of Judgment, located near the ruins of Nuusra."

Perhaps the most interesting revelation in the post pertains to who this particular version of The Arbiter is in Killer Instinct:

The next thing that typically flows furiously forth from fan lips and forum fingers is “Yeah, but is it the Arbiter? What about Keith David?! Is this canon? And where is my Ricochet playli - ” We get it, we get it. The answer is that from pretty early on it was decided that to both make things easier from a fictional explainability perspective, as well as take full advantage of all the cool opportunities available in the Killer Instinct ecosystem, that it would be best to create a versatile “could be anyone” Sangheili warrior for the role, while leveraging the obvious advantages that the familiarity of the Arbiter title and characterization might afford us. Just as countless Arbiters have faced impossible odds to represent the honor and glory of their people, this Arbiter was created to represent the glory and honor of the Halo universe against an impossible new challenge.

You can read the whole post for yourself here.

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