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Pokémon Trading Card Game Celebrations – Unboxing And The Coolest Cards We Pulled

by Brian Shea on Oct 07, 2021 at 08:00 AM

The Pokémon series turned 25 years old earlier this year, and The Pokémon Company has pulled out all the stops to celebrate the milestone anniversary. From an album featuring new music from world-famous talent like Katy Perry, J. Balvin, and Post Malone to new anniversary merchandise, the Pokémon series has been ushering in its 25th birthday with style. The Pokémon Trading Card Game joined in the festivities, announcing a special Celebrations collection that's sure to be highly sought after.

The Celebrations line of products gives players a chance to revisit the various eras of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The cards found in these bundles are some of the most beloved and iconic cards from the TCG's long run. However, the booster packs are not sold individually, meaning you need to get them through special bundles. While you can grab unique Celebrations collections featuring foil promo cards of Pokémon like Lance's Charizard, Zacian, and Dragapult Prime, those only include either two or four Celebrations booster packs (along with a few booster packs from other recent expansions). The best ways to gather the most amount of booster packs from the Celebrations expansion are through the Elite Trainer Box (10 Celebrations booster packs) or the Pikachu VMAX Premium Figure Collection (8 Celebrations booster packs), which also comes with a Pikachu VMAX figure. 

The Pokémon Company sent us a box of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Celebrations line for our typical galleries of the coolest cards we pulled from booster packs. However, since booster packs are not sold individually for this commemorative expansion, the company sent over a sampling of the ways people can purchase the bundle-only booster packs. 

You can see some unboxing images of the various bundles in the gallery below.


Each bundle features a mix of Pokémon TCG Celebrations booster packs and booster packs from other recent expansions, such as Chilling Reign, Darkness Ablaze, Vivid Voltage, and Battle Styles. The cards we're focusing on in the gallery you see below are the ones pulled specifically from the Celebrations booster packs found in these bundles.

The cards in the Celebrations packs are largely reprints and remakes of popular cards from classic Pokémon TCG expansions, but with a special anniversary logo and holographic upgrades. I was excited to see the iconic original Charizard was included in the list of reprints, but I, unfortunately, did not pull it. Still, Gen 1 cards were the most prevalent in my experience. It's also worth noting that if you open a bunch of packs, you're likely to receive a ton of duplicates, given the low card count in this expansion.

You can see some of my favorite cards I pulled from the Celebrations expansion below. 


The first Pokémon Trading Card Game – Celebrations collections launch tomorrow, October 8, with others releasing throughout the rest of October. For more on the Pokémon Trading Card Game, including galleries of all the recent expansions, click on the image below to go to our dedicated hub.