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The Coolest Pokémon Sword & Shield – Vivid Voltage Cards We Pulled From Booster Packs

by Brian Shea on Nov 18, 2020 at 11:52 AM

The Pokémon Trading Card game continues to roll on with its latest expansion, Vivid Voltage. This most recent update adds more than 185 new cards to the already massive collection that has been growing since the first edition was published in 1996. While this continues to focus on Pokémon found in the Galar region, including Galarian forms of pre-existing Pokémon, you can also expect plenty of familiar faces from past gens to make an appearance.

I was fairly lucky in my pulls in the booster packs I was sent, snagging a few awesome V cards. My particular favorite was the Pikachu V, which has 190 HP and can deal 200 damage with Thunderbolt. Not only is it capable in dealing a ton of damage, but I love the art. I'm also always a fan of the Eeveelutions, so it was nice to see Vaporeon and Jolteon emerge from the packs, though I'm bummed I didn't pull Flareon as well. I do, however, love the Zacian and Zamazenta cards I was lucky enough to get.

Check out my favorite pulls from the Pokémon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield – Vivid Voltage below.


The Pokémon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield – Vivid Voltage expansion is available now. For more on the Pokémon Trading Card Game, check out our big galleries for many of the most recent expansions.

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