Welcome The Fall 2017 Game Informer Interns

by Ben Reeves on Sep 18, 2017 at 03:50 PM

Every few months, we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to share the work we do at Game Informer with a new group of aspiring writers through our internship program. As we steer into the Holiday season, another team of awesome interns will be helping us cover all the important video game news and gamer culture stories over the next three months. Come meet the new G.I. interns.

We want to take a minute to introduce the Game Informer community to Keenan McCall, George Ash, and Cody Mello-Klein. Rather than try and speak for them, we'll let them introduce themselves in their first posts, which you can read by clicking on their names above. 

Keenan, George, and Cody will be helping us out this fall as they learn the ropes of what we do around here. Watch for them in the coming weeks; they'll be joining your conversations in the comments, writing articles for the site, and sharing their unique perspectives on gaming. We're excited to have them on board. 

If you’re looking to further your existing writing or journalism education through an internship at Game Informer, we’ll soon be accepting applications for the upcoming winter term, which starts next January. To learn more about the internship, click here, or listen to our last group of interns talk about their experience on a recent episode of the GI Show Podcast.