Hi everybody and welcome to my blog, or as I like to call it my mind palace. (Sherlock didn't trademark it!) I call it that because things might get a little weird in here. You'll probably be reading some of my stuff  on Game Informer over the next couple of months. I'll also be posting my various thoughts on everything from gaming to Southern Gothic novels to cultural relativism on this blog. Basically anything that goes through my brain and comes out intact. Everybody okay with that? I’ll just assume you are.

I'm a full time baller, part time shot caller from Boston. Yes, that makes me a Masshole. I've come to the only slightly colder Minneapolis to write for Game Informer, a magazine I've been a fan of for as long as I can remember. I first heard about some of my favorite games - shout out to Bioshock and Uncharted 2 -  through those amazing GI cover stories. The cover art drew me in, but I stuck around for the quality reporting. Now, I’m sitting in the office where all this fantastic content is created and I can hardly believe it.

This is where the magic happens

I don't really remember when I decided games journalism was for me. I have a background in English, anthropology, and game design, and if you put all those things together it starts to make a little more sense. Like many of you, I’ve always thought that writing about video games was a job other, way more talented people do.

However, I do remember when I “found games.” It’s probably the same for all of you out there: that lightning strike moment when a game just grabs you.

For me it was the first time I played Super Smash Bros with my elementary school bros. I lost that first game, but I remember more than just the loss. I felt every possible emotion - anger, confusion, joy - compressed into minutes. That one match made me into a “gamer” (I hate this word) and I haven’t stopped gaming since. I enjoy everything from shooters to narrative adventure games, RPGs to puzzle games. Just don’t put me in a fighting game or strategy game and we’ll be cool.

The day I stop getting that joyous experience out of games is the day I stop playing them. Luckily I’m still a nerd who gets goosebumps when he reaches the end of The Last of Us, pumps his fist in the air when he gets a five star score on expert drums in Rock Band, or shouts to the heavens when he kills Hanzo five times in a row (I might get too much pleasure from that last one).

Seriously, screw this guy

None of this is news to you. You know why games matter. Games are emotional, adrenaline-pumping, social, hilarious, frustrating, rage quit-inducing experiences that we dump hundreds of hours into. But I’ve been told my whole life that games are a waste of time. Usually the only people that have the same level of passion that I do are the voices in my head (told you this might get weird). Now I’m at Game Informer, a place full of people who understand how powerful games can be.

That’s why even though this blog is meant to welcome me to the Game Informer community, I want it to be more of a welcome to you, the Game Informer community. We all have the same passion for gaming; I’m just the lucky guy who managed to fool Ben Reeves and Jeff Cork into giving me a shot. This internship isn’t just an opportunity for me; it’s a reminder that, with hard work, dedication, and a lot of luck you can get here too.

Obviously I want the next three months worth of work to help me further my career, but my goal is also to help out this community of gamers, writers, and weirdos. If any of you in the community have any stories or ideas you think deserve coverage - or you just want to say hello - feel free to hit me up on the Twitters @Proelectioneer.