Hi all! I’m one of the latest acceptees for Game Informer’s internship and I’ll do my best to bring you some worthwhile video game journalism.

To be honest, it still doesn’t feel real even after making the 15 hour trek from Colorado to move here. I’ve always loved video games, but the thought of turning them into a career seemed like a long shot thanks to my lack of mathematical and programming skills. And yet, every month, I’d pour over the latest previews, reviews and interviews in whatever video game magazine I could get my hands on: Electronic Gaming Monthly, The Official Playstation Magazine, Nintendo Power and of course, Game Informer. I’d dream of one day doing what they did, supporting video games in my own way and helping others feel excited about the next big entry in their favorite series.

It’s what motivated my choice to pursue a degree in journalism, writing everything from local news to video game features for Metropolitan State University of Denver’s student publications as often as possible. It’s the reason I joined a podcast, titled Playing With Perspective, dedicated to discussing games and the culture surrounding them, and the reason I joined Brutal Gamer as a writer to hone my craft over the past year. I put my all into chasing a crazy dream, and somehow it brought me this far, if only for the next few months.

That’s why I’ll make sure it counts. Throughout the season, I’ll put everything I have into providing you with news that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the video game industry. I’ll pursue features that offer a deeper glimpse into games and gaming culture, and I’ll do my best to be part of the discussions they bring.

I’ll also be sure to keep this blog updated regularly with writing not only on video games, but on some other topics I’m passionate about as well: I’m a huge fan of anime new and old, I can go on for hours about American and Japanese cultural intersection studies, and I know a bit about health and fitness.

Other than that, I can’t make it clear enough how excited I am to be here and can’t wait to connect with you all as a member of the Game Informer community. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @KEeNanMcCall525 or through the comments section below.