Loot Crate Prices Its Amiibo Delivery Service

by Kyle Hilliard on Nov 15, 2014 at 07:52 AM

Loot Crate has offered some more details (specifically pricing) on its partnership with Nintendo to deliver amiibos to subscribers.

You can find the full breakdown here. There are two options: you can pay $155 to get 10 amiibos, collectible mini-mags, a sticker, a wristband, a cinch bag, and a t-shirt over the course of three weeks, or you can pay $55 a week for three weeks for the same stuff. Loot Crate hasn't detailed exactly which amiibos will be included. The ones pictured above are examples.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is out on November 21, along with the first wave of 12 Amiibo figures. Another set of six figurines will be out before the end of this year.

[Source: Loot Crate, via Nintendo Everything]


Our Take
With the amiibos costing $13 a figure, getting them delivered to you by Loot Crate isn't a great deal. Your best bet is still probably to just go to the store and grab them when when they release. Unless that mystery t-shirt and the extra goodies are worth $25-$35 to you, of course.