Double Helix Delivers Three New Spinal Screens For Killer Instinct

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 18, 2014 at 06:28 AM

Spinal is coming to Killer Instinct as a DLC fighter this month, and Double Helix has published three new screen shots of him in action.

Earlier this month, Jago was rotated out as the free character, and Sabrewulf was added. We're not sure the exact date that Spinal will be available, but Double Helix says he will be available to download some time during this month. Following Spinal, Fulgore, another confirmed DLC character, will be available in March. If you payed $20 for the full roster of characters or $40 for the Ultra Edition of the game, Spinal and Fulgore are included and will be available to download at no extra cost when they are available. Without those packages, Spinal and Fulgore will be $5 each.

To see Spinal's tease reveal, head here. To read our review of Killer Instinct, head here. To see all of Spinal's screens, check out the gallery below.

[Source: Double Helix Facebook]