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Killer Instinct

Orchid Confirmed And Showcased For Killer Instinct, Spinal Teased

Microsoft and Double Helix have teased Spinal for its next-gen fighter, Killer Instinct, in a new trailer, which shows the previously teased Orchid in action.

You will see Orchid (who no longer uses the "B." in front of her name) breaking Jago's face and turning into a tiger, among other impressive moves. The end of the trailer also reveals that Spinal will be joining the cast of fighters.

Killer Instinct will release alongside the Xbox One as a downloadable title on November 22. There will be a sort-of retail version of the game with Pin Ultimate Edition, but there are no plans to release a disc version of the game. For more on Killer Instinct, check out our interview with Torin Rettig, where he talks about how the cloud will help balance Killer Instinct without downloadable patches.

[Source: Xbox]

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  • It was only a matter of time. Spinal is THE iconic Killer Instinct character.
  • I know theres quite a few hating on KI hardcore but say what you will the moves at the very least look f'n awesome.
  • It will be interesting to see what shape the game is in this time next year. Especially only being a $40.00 game and the possibility to add new characters and stages/features as time goes on is great. Practically no reason to make a "sequel" for a long time to come.

  • Is Riptor going to be in here?
  • Can't stand the intentional stutter with every hit. The original stood out because of it's fast and fluid combat.
  • Wonder how much you gotta pay for this character
  • Mod
    I submitted this tip the other day :p! I'm still very excited for Killer Instinct despite not getting a 360. The game has come a long way and I think it'll turn out really well! Played KI Gold back in the day and while I wasn't a fanatic of the series, I decently enjoyed. The biggest thing that draws me in to this is the subtle details revolving the game: The dynamic levels that change in tempo and design while the fights go on, having a storm erupt on Chief Thunder's stage is a real treat. The soundtrack is phenomenal and REALLY gets my hyped. The announcer is pure gold and most of these little features are sadly missing from the majority of fighting games today. While I'm not among the majority, I totally approve of the re-designs of the characters, Chief Thunder & Glacius in particular. I think people have held on to nostalgia a tad too much with some of the hate thrown at the game. I think it's healthy for a series to eventually have re-designs in a pseudo spinoff fashion rather than keeping a character almost exactly the same. Either way I hope the game kicks off well, well enough for a PC port >.>
  • Rare. What have you allowed Microsoft to turn you into? You're like some other kind of beast; and not in a good way...
  • wow, Spinal looks like garbage.
  • If this ever does come to 360, I'd give it a whirl. I love the older KI's. Played the first one in the arcades back in the day.

  • Just for the sake of Killer Instinct, I hope this game turns out well. Loved the one on SNES.

  • Yarrgh!
  • I don't know what it is but none of these character models are hitting the right marks for me... Maybe I'm just so used to KI for SNES/Genesis.

  • Too bad you have to pay for each additional character and it's XB1 exclusive.

    I loved this game back in the day, but I don't particularly like what this team is doing with it. Would've been way more stoked if Team Ninja had a hand in it.