Microsoft and Double Helix have teased Spinal for its next-gen fighter, Killer Instinct, in a new trailer, which shows the previously teased Orchid in action.

You will see Orchid (who no longer uses the "B." in front of her name) breaking Jago's face and turning into a tiger, among other impressive moves. The end of the trailer also reveals that Spinal will be joining the cast of fighters.

Killer Instinct will release alongside the Xbox One as a downloadable title on November 22. There will be a sort-of retail version of the game with Pin Ultimate Edition, but there are no plans to release a disc version of the game. For more on Killer Instinct, check out our interview with Torin Rettig, where he talks about how the cloud will help balance Killer Instinct without downloadable patches.

[Source: Xbox]