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New Killer Instinct Trailer Details Sadira, Teases B. Orchid

The latest Killer Instinct trailer shows off more of Sadira, who was briefly shown at PAX in August, and offers a tease for returning character B. Orchid.

Sadira can be seen using all kinds of web-type powers in her attacks, and the end of her video reveals a gigantic spider. It's unclear how this giant spider will play a role in Killer Instinct. The trailer also offers a very quick tease for B. Orchid, a returning Killer Instinct fighter.

GameSpot currently holds the exclusive on the trailer, so you can head here to check it out, or watch the trailer on GameSpot's YouTube page.

[Source: GameSpot]

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  • Orchid steals the show in my opinion, this game is looking better and better, and I love the way they are going to continue supporting the game by adding content over time. Getting the $20 version for free with my Day One Gold that I have pre-ordered.
  • There needs to be a Killer Instinct/Mortal Kombat crossover one day.
  • Cool-looking new character, and B.Orchid is looking great too. Ever since Chief Thunder, it seems Double Helix has re-thought their approach to redesigning these characters. Y'know, make them look good? :) It's real odd to see the contrast between Orchid and their disasterous rubber-haired "John Cena ninja" there, I mean Jago. Gameplay-wise, Sadira's web attacks seem like they'd provide for some cool mid-range play - control your opponent, y'know? I like how Double Helix is taking actual fighting game theory and applying it to this new KI. The original game was dumb, but flashy - just a combo-fest. While combos are still a huge part of KI, it's nice to know there is more to dig into now. Heck, it's nice to see a western fighting game think out these systems period. As far back as I can remember, they usually didn't, whether you want to point to X-Men Next Dimension or Def Jam Icon or Marvel Nemesis, they're all dumb as dirt. Now with games like Skullgirls, Injustice/MK9, and Killer Instinct, it's nice to see western devs finally do some quality fighting games.
  • Is the gameplay still "aababbcbbabababbbcbccca?" I hated that in the arcades and mostly stuck with Street Fighter, Virtual Fighter and the like. I really want to support the game, but that gameplay isn't my speed.
  • Now even trailers are timed exclusives? *facepalm

  • I flipped everything when I saw B. orchid. There's just two characters left. I'm betting on Cinder and Spinal.
  • I can't stand this freeze-for-a-split-second-when-hit kinda gameplay in beat em ups.

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  • I'm certainly not as excited about this game as I was with KI Gold on 64, mostly because of the sales format they chose, but I'm curious about how it plays.
  • KI, Mortal Kombat, and King Of Fighters are my favorite fighters. I like a ton of others, it's just I played these 3 (entire series of each) the most. I would like to play this KI at some point down the road.

  • I really wish this wasn't an Xbox Exclusive. The concept of having to pay for each fighter is a joke too. I have a lot of great memories of KI. It deserves better than this.
  • She's supposed to turn into a cat, not have one with her.
  • Great graphics but an obvious cash grab. I don't think even the KI fans will like this one.