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Killer Instinct PAX Trailer Showcases Chief Thunder, Reveals New Character

As part of Killer Instinct's PAX 2013 presence, a new trailer has released showcasing Chief Thunder, and teasing a new character. It's not much of a tease per se, as the new female combatant is fully shown in all of her combat glory. She is the first entirely new, non-returning character to be revealed for the new Killer Instinct, and so far she is the only female fighter.

Killer Instinct will be free to download for Xbox One players with new characters available for $4.99 each, but there is also the Combo Breaker and Ultra Edition bundles, detailed below:

Combo Breaker Pack: Save 50% instantly by purchasing the Combo Breaker Pack (the first eight characters – six at launch and then early access to the other two new characters before their official release) for just $19.99 / 16.99 Pounds / 19.99 EURO.

Ultra Edition: For the best value, get the Ultra Edition for $39.99, which includes the first eight characters, accessories packs and costumes, plus the original “Killer Instinct” arcade game.

Killer Instinct is currently a launch title for Xbox One.

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  • Screw these characters, where is Fulgore?

  • Am I the only one not excited for this? It looks kind of like a "meh" fighting game. Somewhat clunky and limited animations and the pricing seems kinda wonky. Might just be me,though.
  • The pricing structure for this game seems so unnecessary.
  • Played the game at Toronto Fan Expo last weekend.... Didn't think it was anything special tbh...

    Especially considering the fact that' it's made by Double Helix, a developer that isn't all that talented...
  • I was skeptical at first but the more I see of this game and with the developers so willing to talk about the meta-game mechanics is really awesome. So hopefully this game gets to be at a FGC tournament in the future because it really deserves it.
  • No thanks. $20 for the first few character (8) and, if there are another 8 characters available to download, that's another $40 for a total of $60 overall. For a subpar fighting game. The other option is $40 to get the same thing, plus the arcade game (which should be like, what, $5 really?) and a couple costume packs. And that's still another $40 if they release 8 more characters. This is clearly a ripoff. I think the latest Mortal Kombat showed us what a good fighting game could do. I'm sure the game will be okay, but I can't imagine people really throwing down all that money. I could see it for games like Marvel vs Capcom though...
  • Where are the fatalities or the stages fatalities like the old game. Orchid, fulgore, TJ Combo, Cinder, Spinal are missing.
  • I'm going to wait until I try it out for myself before I decide if I'll spend money on it or not. If I do spend money, I'll likely get the $40 version.

  • Mod
    Eh, for twenty bucks, you get what you paid for. The combat looks very smooth and combo-rific, but a roster of only eight characters will get boring really fast. You'd think that the double-priced version would give you more than some costumes and a really old game.

  • I don't like the pricing structure at all... I hope they release more characters in the future or people is gonna get really pissed off...  if they were putting 8 characters they should have saved those spots for the classic fighters!!

  • This is the only Xbox One exclusive I REALLY want. Ryse and Dead Rising 3 look pretty good, but I can live without them. Same goes for that really colorful one by Insomniac. But this looks really fun. I'm still going PS4 though. I'll probably get an Xbox One a few years down the road when it's cheap.

  • I think I prefer the idea of developers who want to sell you a COMPLETE game, with the option for additional DLC later. I really hope this nickel-and-dime style of merching doesn't catch on. Just make & sell honestly good games, honestly... ... like GTA 5. lol.
  • It doesn't really look as fluid or as fast as the original one. Maybe it's because of the intentional stutter with each hit. And the voice guy doesn't sound epic as the original either. AAAAAWWEEEESOOOMMEEE Combo! Put some heart into it.
  • Shame its an exclusive.

  • Its so weird how this reminds me of MK9 when the original was also "inspired" by MK. Its just a shame that a game with so much passion behind it is ruined by the fact that no one really wants an X1 and that this game is clearly being rushed.
  • lol...i have to watch a trailer to watch a trailer

  • This type of business model breaks the game. Having only six characters at launch and no story mode it's very poor. They said that additional characters are going to be release via DLC in the months following the release of the game. But that doesn't help, you get 1/4 of the game at launch, another 1/4 after a few months ... and so on. It breaks the immersion, when I buy a game, I want to play it all as a complete experience, not by pieces.
  • Jake. I just agree... Crystal`s artlclee is shocking, I just bought a great Fiat Panda sincee geting a check for $6665 this-last/month and more than ten-k last month. this is definitely the most financialy rewarding I've ever had. I actually started nine months/ago and straight away began to bring home over $86 per hour. over here,

  • What the hell happened?KI used to be its own entity,just like Primal Rage.I remember going to the arcade and watching guys get their ass handed to em with one combo.This looks like a cheap imitation of MK proportions.I always wanted a remake of this title,but this is just wrong.
  • Man I miss the days when every game had nearly their own style of graphics. I look at this trailer for the new KI game and I think, "Does this take place in the Gears of War Universe? because these people look like they're from that game, only dressed up in KI skins.". Total pass.
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