One of the things that makes League of Legends so popular (and profitable) is Riot’s weekly rotating champion roster. It keeps things fresh, and entices people to come back for different experiences. Now, Microsoft and Double Helix are doing something similar with Killer Instinct.

Jago, who has been the free character since the title’s launch on November 22, is now behind the paywall. Sabrewulf has stepped in though, and you can sample him now without paying a dime.

The free character rotation is part of a significant patch rolled out on the evening of January 2. In addition to the Sabrewulf swap, Xbox Live Gold is no longer required to view the leaderboard, a number of fixes have been implemented that deal with save games and login problems, and the fifth character color will no unlock properly.

You can read the full patch note in the Double Helix forums. For more on Killer Instinct, check out our review.

[Source: Double Helix via CVG]


Our Take
While Killer Instinct doesn’t have the roster of a MOBA, rotating the free character is the smart choice. More characters to experiment with will give players a chance to decide if opening their wallets is the right decision.