Upcoming Outlast DLC To Follow New Protagonist And Story

by Kyle Hilliard on Oct 29, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Developer Red Barrels is working on DLC for the recently released Outlast that will follow a new character through the continuing horrors of Mount Massive Asylum.

The DLC will cover a new character's new storyline in the same setting, but that's all we know. Red Barrels is promising more details on Thursday, October 31, which is appropriately Halloween.

In honor of the DLC announcement (which is really more of a tease), Outlast is currently on sale for a 33% discount until Halloween. If you buy the game through the developer's website, you will also get the game's soundtrack, which became available today.

For more on Outlast, you can read our review. You can also see Conan O'Brien's experience with the game by heading here, as well as our own in our Outlast episode of Test Chamber.

Our Take
I'm surprised to see DLC coming to Outlast so quickly. Thursday might reveal a release date that is far out, but the fact that Red Barrels is already excited to talk about it means it probably isn't too far off. I'm interested to learn more about the DLC's new character.