Shadow Complex Developer Wants A Sequel

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 11, 2013 at 02:16 PM

Chair Entertainment released Shadow Complex on Xbox Live Arcade in 2009. Since then, the developer has been hard at work on the highly successful Infinity Blade series for iOS devices. Chair Entertainment's co-founder and creative director Donald Mustard told GameSpot recently that the studio hasn't forgotten about the Metroid-esque platformer. "We certainly love Shadow Complex. As much as there are fans out there that want more Shadow Complex, I promise they don't want it more than we do. We want it more than anyone. When the time is right, we sure hope to return to the Shadow Complex series," Mustard said.

Back in 2011, before leaving Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski said that a sequel to Shadow Complex was, "Largely designed."

Chair Entertainment's next entry in the Infinity Blade series will release alongside the iPhone 5S and 5C next week. For more on Shadow Complex, check out our feature listing a number of interesting facts about the game.

[Source: GameSpot]


Our Take
Every time Chair Entertainment announces a new Infinity Blade game I always joke that the headline for our news story should be, "Chair Entertainment Doesn't Announce Shadow Complex 2". I loved the 2009 XBLA release and have been hopeful for a sequel ever since finishing the game for the first time. I don't fault the studio for prioritizing Infinity Blade sequels over Shadow Complex. Its success has earned Chair the right to share the stage with Apple. Learning that Mustard and his team want to make a sequel is enough for me to continue to keep my fingers crossed.