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Blog Herding: Community Edition 01/17/13

by Game Informer Staff on Jan 17, 2013 at 05:00 AM

With an influx of posts from new bloggers, a number of blogs from the veterans, and even a couple of commentaries from Game Informer alumni, this is easily one of the best weeks in Blog Herding history with plenty of content for you to enjoy.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: January 07 – January 13, 2013
Number of User Blogs: 114
Number of User Bloggers: 62
Number of User Blogs Herded: 16

Community Blogs:

The PreOrder Conundrum
LetMeGetToACheckpoint struggles with the internal battle over which new games to purchase in 2013, while analyzing the content of a couple of the collector's editions releasing in the next few months.

What Exactly Is "Finishing A Game"?
Oni no Tenshi questions what it means to finish a game completely, if finishing the main story is enough, and whether bonus content or extra levels should be included in the equation.

Building The Perfect Pirate Game
Former Game Informer intern Jack Gardner muses about the lack of a modern-era pirate game and what features are necessary to build the perfect swashbuckling adventure that will have you singing A Pirate's Life For Me in no time.

Building A Better Building Tool
With more console games incorporating limited mod tools, markus1142 discusses the importance of this feature while including a few games to demonstrate this capability. Markus1142 posted five other blogs this week that were under consideration for Blog Herding; you can find them on his profile page.

Different Expectations
A short blog from the Coach (Coachscorner00) sharing his shock when reaching that moment in Bioshock when everything you thought was true unravels in a twist many of us didn't see coming.

Gaming And Addiction: My Hard Lesson
A powerful and moving blog with an important message, ADAMMWOOLLEY opens up about the price of being a hardcore gamer and how a second chance at love allowed him to evaluate his priorities in life.

The Subtle Power Of Setting In Our Games
Casting aside the characters, story, and game play, quasiconundrum shares how he is often interested in a game's setting far more than any of the other elements that make up the game.

Great Women In Games
Continuing her series about great female characters in video games, former Game Informer intern Ali Rapp discusses Joanna Dark and her performance in the N64 classic, Perfect Dark.

Why The 10-Year Console Is A Good Thing
An interesting post by Marco Polo that reasonably questions how much gain we really see when new consoles are introduced and why a longer console lifespan isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Hitman: Absolution Is On Target, Even If I'm Not
Kyle Wadsworth targets Hitman: Absolution as the next mark in his portfolio of photo blogs, and he executes this one like a true professional – just beware of the minor and brief spoiler comment.

My Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of The Year
Back to a traditional top ten list, thegodofwine7 returns to his roots with this piece summarizing his top 10 most anticipated games of 2013 including a few brief comments for each.

The Journal Of An XCOM Soldier
One of the popular activities from gamers playing X-COM is creating personnel rosters and journaling their combat performance and battlefield experience, like this one from Jolt the Cynic.

Wait...This Game Has A Story???
AshaMan3000 talks about playing a few of his favorite games and getting so caught up with extracurricular activities that he overlooks the fact there is a story at the core of the game.

My Three Favorite Saves In Gaming
A look at some of the more colorful methods some games use to save your progress, xking595x humors us with his a couple of his favorites including one that requires you to use the bathroom.

May I Have Your Attention?
General Mills44 aims to raise the spotlight on Valkyria Chronicles for the Playstation 3, a wonderful tactical role-playing game that's biggest downfall was the publisher not fully promoting the game.

Fare Thee Well, PS2!
In response to Sony's announcement last week stating it was officially retiring the Playstation 2, Tim Gruver pays his respects to the popular console by remembering great moments from its life.

Community Reviews:

Kid Icarus: Flying High With Success
Tim Gruver takes a look at Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS, a game that despite a few quirky camera control issues offers a fun-filled adventure to satisfy your portable gaming needs.

Review – Far Cry 3 (PS3)
Joining the fray of other gamers who have played and reviewed Far Cry 3, BLiNDFATES posts his review of Ubisoft's latest First Person Shooter, arguably one of the best of the genre from 2012.

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword In-Depth Review
Dima admits he finally got around to playing and reviewing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the latest game in the Legend of Zelda series that has witnessed more than a dozen titles.

Community Podcasts:

A Long Delayed Jacked Up Indie And Mojo Show Double Feature
After an extended break over the holidays, the Jacked Up Indie and Mojo returns with a double feature, each of which welcomes a member of the GIO community to the show.

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Happy Blogging!

Your friendly neighborhood blogging community (01/07/13 – 01/13/13):
ADAMMWOOLLEY (1); ace13 (1); Ali Rapp (1); AshaMan3000 (2); BLiNDFATES (2); bombstopper (1); Cameron Koch (1); cerpintaxman (1); Charlie FoHammer (1); Chris Mrkvicka (1); Coachscorner00 (1); Daniel Jones (1); darkangelvxvx (1); Darth-Carbonite (1); David Chandler (1); DJ the Sasquatch (2); Dylan Patton (1); Emily (1); Enigma (1); Gaming Warthog (7); General Mills44 (3); GWNightmare (1); Jack Gardner (2); John Wrek (3); Jolt the Cynic (2); JordanTheGamer (1); Josh Straub (1); Joshua Bowers (1); Joshua Stephens (1); Joyful Penguin (1); Kate Willaert (7); Kyle Wadsworth (1); LetMeGetToACheckpoint (1); LostButSeeking (1); lugadi (2); Marco Polo (3); MarcusIrving317 (1); markus1142 (7); Oni no Tenshi (1); Paradigmthefallen (2); quasiconundrum (1); Rabid Chipmunk (2); Rich (1); Scopes (1); seb100172 (2); sorryjzargo (1); Startrek007 (1); TeddyAssassin33 (1); The Destroyer (1); The Great Cubone (1); The Invertroid (1); thegodofwine7 (1); Tim Gruver (3); Trenchmace (1); TurdFurgy (1); Warrior (1); wayoverdue (1); White Angel Dragon (2); xking595x (7); xl9 (5); xTheCrowing (1); and of course yours truly...Saint.

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