"Would you kindly?"

This is a quote from the game Bioshock. It has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had playing a game. I was shocked that it had so many twists and turns but I am not going to get into those as a gamer, I hate spoilers, so I would never want to be the person who "spoils" a game for anyone else.

When I first started the game I had no idea what to expect. I thought I would just end up in a city and run around looting, like an early Borderlands game. However, that is not the case. Though you are allowed to run around and basically go where ever you please (with in reason) the game is open for you to explore. The art is fantastic even though the game is older. I constantly find myself looking out of the glass windows at the sea bellow instead of continuing on my different quests needed to complete the game. 

I don't want to spoil anything for people but I have to talk about a small part of this game that made a huge impact on me as a gamer. What really made this game so great for me and locked me into hours and hours of game play is that the game wants you to know the truth. What I mean is that the game wants you to find all the pieces to the puzzle while you are playing the game.

You are searching for these tapes that have little bits of information that can be really useful to you in understanding the story. The writers want you to have these little pieces of the puzzle so you can start seeing this big picture. And as you finish the game and look at the big picture with all the pieces, you stand back and lose your breath because the picture you thought you were making is something completely different and you just sit there admiring the trip you just took. The main creator of BioShock, Ken Levine wrote a story unlike anything I have ever seen in games and am forever grateful to the people who finally talked me into giving this game a chance. 


This is the first game that the GIO family recommended to me. I am also diving into Dead Space but haven't gotten far enough in it to really share my opinions of it yet. I also have all three titles in the Mass Effect series and plan on getting into that as soon as life slows down a little bit. 

As I am still trying to play more and more games from different genres, if you have any advice or games that I may have missed out on in my inexperienced past then please leave a comment or send me a message and I will try it out.