Every gamer has to take a break from playing eventually.


When we finally decide to retire the sticks for the night, usually the next step on our journey is to save our progress. It can be a simple as pressing start and choosing the option, or it can be as complicated as tracking down a specific safe haven somewhere in the game. Over the years I have saved a lot, as I'm sure we all have.


I've put together a list of my three more memorable saving processes in gaming. In no particular order.


Bathroom Break- No More Heroes


The life of a world class assassin is not an easy one. Facing death at every corner and bustling to make some quick pocket cash, an assassin is always preoccupied. In between the various skull numbing odd jobs and the ruthless assassination contracts how does one find time for a quick break? By going to the bathroom of course.


Saving the game required having Travis visit his home to take a quick restroom break. In this case, always a number two. After(you save) he's all done he stands up and buckles his pants, a few pounds lighter. Ever since the first time I saved I found it to be humorous. Just something about the subtlety and simplicity of going to the restroom to save always made me crack a smile.


Typing Your Progress- Resident Evil Series


Entering the survival horror takes a toll on everybody. After too many brushes with reanimated dead people and racking your brain over the ridiculous puzzles, saving became a must. Saving in Resident Evil used to always require an ink ribbon and a typewriter (the newest installments not so much). If you had found a typewriter but had no ribbons you'd be S-O-L, and vice-versa.


I always enjoyed this for two reasons. The first being the sheer tactical aspect of picking and choosing you're saves. Since it was more of a privilege then a right, getting from save point to save point was a task in itself which ultimately added to the survival aspect of the game.


The second was the music for the beloved save rooms. Traveling along through the countless murderous creatures, nothing was more satisfying then to walk into a save room and immediately hearing the "saving" jingle.


You hear that, and you knew that you were safe, you had time to collect yourself and brace for what was ahead. Oh, and of course to save. Hearing those tunes always brought a feeling of relaxation to my fried nerves.



A Criminal's Got To Sleep- Grand Theft Auto Series 


Oh GTA, the fond memories I have for you. Being a criminal is tough. There's murder, theft, swindling, more murder. Every thief has a safe house to runaway to, and every safe house has a nice warm bed to sleep away the guilt. Not only does sleeping save your progress, but it also shot time forward six hours (which could be quite nifty at times).


As another added bonus, forget that legion of cops that was hot on your tail, they got bored of waiting. Taking a nap always seemed like a proficient and simple way to relax after a crime binge.


Well, there you have it. My three favorite ways to save in gaming. I hope this blog could spark some memories, I know it did for me. Do you have a favorite way to save? I'm sure I missed something out there.


As always thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed.