Fable Expands To The Page

by Jeff Cork on Apr 05, 2012 at 04:51 AM

People who like reading books based on video games are living in a truly marvelous age. The Fable franchise is the latest IP to make the transition, joining other big names including Mass Effect, Battlefield, and Hitman. Fable: At the Edge of the World will fill readers in on the events that transpired in Albion between Fable III and the upcoming Fable: The Journey.

Random House and Prima Games have a few other Fable-related projects in the works, in addition to the Christie Golden-penned novel, which is due out this August. A series of digital shorts will be available in May and June, leading up to the release of the downloadable game Fable: Heroes. These eBooks focus on a separate character, including Reaver, Jack of Blades, and Theresa.

“The Fable canon – the stories, characters, and gameplay that we’ve crafted for many years, is near and dear to the hearts of our loyal fans and the employees at Lionhead Studios,” says Gareth Sutcliffe, business manager for Lionhead Studios. “We believe Random House Worlds will do an excellent job representing our storied franchise and creating assets our fans will find highly valuable.”

It should be interesting to see if people who complained at the slightest whiff of Fable: The Journey being on rails will take to these completely linear written experiences.