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Dark Souls Announcement Planned

by Jim Reilly on Mar 21, 2012 at 11:13 AM

[Update]: It appears the announcement will be, at least, Dark Souls for PC. A tease in an upcoming issue of PC Powerplay, as seen on NeoGAF, simply says, "You Died," a phrase Dark Souls players know all too well.

Namco still has not confirmed details surrounding this announcement.


Namco Bandai says an announcement for Dark Souls is coming. Let's think about what this could be.

Two possibilities are the rumored download "Dark Forest" content or the much-desired PC version of the game. The official Facebook page is asking fans to "Like" the app in hopes to unlocking the announcement sooner rather than later.

Namco is scheduled to have a press event sometime in April, so we'll hopefully know more about the annoucement by then.