Fez Developer Slams Japan: "Your Games Suck"

by Matt Helgeson on Mar 06, 2012 at 05:43 AM

Phil Fish, the outspoken developer behind the upcoming indie platformer Fez, had some harsh words for a Japanese developer at GDC.

According to Develop Online, the incident occurred at a screening of Indie Game: The Movie, a documentary on the independent game development scene that prominently featured Fez and Fish.

According to the report, after the screening there was a Q&A session, where an unidentified Japanese developer came to the microphone and praised the movie, then asked Fish his opinion of the current Japanese game industry.

Fish responded, "Your games just suck," and went on to criticize Japanese development.

Some in attendance criticized Fish for his remarks via Twitter, but Fish himself seemed unrepentant on Twitter today, with a tweet that read: "im sorry japanese guy! i was a bit rough, but your country's games are f------ terrible nowadays."