No, Seriously: You Need To Watch This Ending Cinematic From Conduit 2

by Phil Kollar on May 04, 2011 at 03:25 PM

If you haven't finished playing Conduit 2 by now, chances are you probably never will, but you're going to want to see this video of the ending. Trust me. If you're still planning to play the game, this is your last chance to turn away from this article and not risk spoilers. You have been warned.

Still with me? Good. Now I wouldn't ever suggest that anyone actually play Conduit 2. Tim told me that he wanted to do the game for Spoiled, but he couldn't convince anyone else in the office to play it after his negative review. But despite the quality of the game itself and even if you're like me and know absolutely nothing about the plot to Conduit, this ending is completely insane in a way that I can almost appreciate.

It's really only the last minute or so before the credits (beginning at the 10-minute mark in the video) that make this so memorable. Check it out. People who aren't getting it: Again, skip to the 10-minute mark and pay attention to who comes out of the portal.


[via @ObiSwanKenobi]