New EA Sports Titles Coming Early Next Year

by Matthew Kato on May 04, 2011 at 12:38 PM

During its recent fiscal results call, Electronic Arts outlined its games schedule for the coming year, including news that it plans to ship its three new, unnamed EA Sports titles all in the same fiscal quarter.

At a press event last month, EA Sports unveiled that it had three new titles from the label in the works, including one that's an NFL title. Many believe this will be a reboot of NFL Blitz similar to what the company has already done for NBA Jam.

Before today's call, the company sent out a press release that included a lot of financial numbers (see here for more), as well as a release schedule for the coming fiscal year (including a Mass Effect 3 delay) – which ends March 31, 2012. On it, in the fourth fiscal quarter (i.e. before the end of next March) are listed four "Sports Game TBA" titles – three of which are exclusively for console, and one of which is a console and PC release.

The dual console/PC title could be the next Tiger Woods title, which is not specifically listed on the release schedule, but is traditionally a spring game. SSX, meanwhile, is listed separately, so this can't be among the unnamed four. Other than NFL Blitz, other theories for the mysterious trio include a relaunch of NBA Street, another stab at FIFA Street (groan!), or even an Arena Football title (double groan!). Of course, given that these titles are generically listed for consoles, some of them could be downloadable games instead of full, boxed retail games.

We'll have to wait in see what EA Sports has in store.