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casting call

Casting Call: Tomb Raider

by Meagan Marie on Mar 10, 2011 at 11:00 AM

This week ushered in the news that the Tomb Raider brand reboot would include a new feature film. While official details are extremely scarce – the project doesn’t have a director, leading lady, or support cast attached as of yet – the internet has already begun to mull over who would best fill the boots of Lara Croft.

What we do know is that the film will star the younger Lara Croft slated to debut in Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming game. This Croft is fundamentally different than the one portrayed by Angelina Jolie on the silver screen. She is young, untested, and less-exploitive in terms of sex appeal. This immediately eliminates some of my personal choices for the role, such as the reprisal of Jolie, Rhona Mitra (who was at one point an official Lara Croft model), or Kate Beckinsale.

Check out Game Informer’s top choices for the fresh-faced Lara below, and add your own candidates via the comments.

Thanks to Tron: Legacy Wilde is an especially hot commodity. A slew of films in post-production seem to indicate that she isn’t slowing down. The 26-year-old actress proved her grit in Tron’s action sequences, and her look is striking in both its natural and glamorized state.

Arterton was vaulted into the spotlight with her role in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, but Quantum of Solace and Clash of the Titans started her on the track to stardom. The 25-year-old is also a UK native, so faking an accent wouldn't be necessary.

The Harry Potter superstar appears to be on a mission to leave wild-haired Hermione behind, pursuing diversity in both her look and acting roles. At 21, Watson is the closest in age to the young Croft, and also shares Lara’s iconic lilt. She’s also proven her ability to command a screen.

As a Tomb Raider fan, I’d be happy with any of actresses above portraying Lara Croft. That being said, I secretly hope for an unknown actress to step in and become the definitive Lady Croft.

Sound off with your personal choices below.