Blog Herding: Community Edition 10/14/10

by Annette Gonzalez on Oct 14, 2010 at 04:00 PM

Blog Herding in the heezy! Check out the fine scribblings of your peers below! Happy reading, friends!

In-Game Advertising: Hate It? Or Really Hate It?
In recent titles, it's not unusual to come across a Coca-Cola can, Energizer battery, or even Capri Sun pouches. Advertisements are everywhere including in our favorite games. What do you think about in-game advertising? Hist's blog headline makes his stance pretty clear. Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments section of his post.

Superhero Games And My Disappointment

TOGNick wants greater control over powers than is currently offered in today's games. "My disappointment doesn't come from some of the more recent licensed games, such as Arkham Asylum or even Ultimate Alliance, but rather from the open world games. While a lack of freedom isn't missing in some of these games like Infamous and Crackdown, there hasn't been much creativity for the user." Do you concur? Read the post and hit up the comments section.

Is Being A "Gamer" Harmful?

Gamers get a bad rep and usually fall under the stereotype of being an antisocial, overweight male who lives in his momma's basement. It's pretty safe to say that's not true. Cody Gilley explores this and other stigmas associated with being a gamer.

An End To Labels?

It appears developers are working to bridge the gap between casual and hardcore by trying to create an experience accessible to everyone. Can you really please everyone? Check out Shootist2600's blog to find out.

Editor blogs you may have missed:
Reiner reflects on the meaning of Achievements. Andy Mac also does a bit of reflecting on the one year anniversary of our redesign and posts his Letter from the Editor for all of you fine people to read.

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