Some people still don't play these crazy right?


One simple word "Gamer" its what many of us call ourselves be it hardcore, casual, or something in between. I believe however this word has actually done more to harm us rather than define us.

I want you to think of a scenario you are asking random people on the street what do you think a gamer looks like? This question will bound to get answers ranging from cheeto stained, socially awkward, overweight basement dwellers. Why will we get some of these answers because we are a outcast group in society's eyes and we all know we aren't really, but that pesky stereotype that started back in the 70s 80s era just will not die. Fine don't believe me here is a example of what some people think gamers are.




This stereotype I believe is perpetuated because we are such a relatively new medium film and comic both went through these phases.How often do you hear a word describing someone who enjoys films a great deal? Film buff may come to mind but that conjures up images of critics like Roger Ebert well knowledgeable experts, but when someone hears "Gamer" they think of the stereotype.

I realize this is not always the case but I believe being labeled a "Gamer" may frighten some people from actually admitting they play games living double social lives when they shouldn't have to be ashamed enjoying games. We mostly have the media to blame for this Taliban are to controversial for games but put them in a film and you get an Oscar,  and as we all know Mass Effect is for teen sex addicts. Another game Six Days In Fallujah faced similar controversy for "going to far" yet again films and novels  have depicted much worse with no controversy rather obtaining praise for depicting realism. 





"Gamers" get sometimes a bad undeserving reputation in the same vain of people who listened to Kiss back in the day were Satan worshipers.



Now I am not saying being a "Gamer" is bad quite the contrary I am just saying  lets take away the label so we can avoid the stigma and pointless controversy so our medium that we enjoy can grow and flourish into the great medium we know it has always been. We don't have to be "Gamers" we can just be people who enjoy games and lets take one of the bullets out of the gun if they can't label us maybe they can't use as an example for they problems and blames.


Note: This is all opinion based I am sure many of you can put more well thought out arguments out than I can and to all possible veterans reading this thank you for being the heroes that you are.