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One Year Ago

It seems like light years since we did the magazine redesign, but the truth is the Resistance 3 cover marks the one-year anniversary for our new look.

And what a year it was. I would say it's our best 12-month stretch of covers in Game Informer's history. The Epic Mickey cover sits on the wall just behind my computer monitor, so it is always just a glance away. When we designed that cover, I never thought it could be beat. We were starting from the top, and from there on I thought we could only go down. How wrong I was. I still consider Epic Mickey to be drop-dead gorgeous, but the past year has had some outstanding pieces of video game art (not to mention a who's who of kick-ass games).

Following Epic Mickey, we had the eight classic covers for our 200th issue.

The L.A. Noire and Portal 2 issues used multiple perspectives to such amazing effect.

There were also endless examples of outstanding landscape design, including our Dead Space 2, Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3, Dragon Age 2, and Resistance 3 covers. And who could forget the crisp white covers of Batman: Arkham City?

We worked with Irrational Games to create the Bioshock: Infinite covers in the spirit of the Saturday Evening Post. These take the cake. Breaking the mold and doing something different really worked for these covers, and it just means we have to come up with new ways to push our covers in the future.

That's what this is all about. What can we do next to out-do ourselves? We have some ideas still left up our sleeves.

The developers deserve a lot of credit for our covers, and I thank them for all their efforts to make sure that Game Informer magazine covers stand above the rest.

To see all our covers you can jump over to our Cover Gallery.

Which one was your favorite?

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  • Portal 2! Although I was really exited when I got Bioshock infinite with the date and old fashioned ad on the back!
  • Congratulations! Every month I am excited to receive my magazine and have enjoyed all of the changes in design and layout. My favorite is a toss-up between Epic Mickey & Batman. Can't wait for what's next. Keep it classy, GI.

  • RESISTANCE 3!!!! even though i dont even have it......the bioshock infinite and infamous 2 issues were close to first though. i cant wait to get the november issue! p.s, will there be the medal of honor review in this issue?

  • To be honest, I have only been a part of the Gameinformer world for about 14 months. And I can definitely say that these covers are the most unique magazine covers that I have seen. I would say either the Dead Space 2 or InFamous 2 cover is my favorite.

  • My Top 3 in no certain order:

    1. Batman

    2. Bioshock

    3. Dead Space

    Issues #199-present have been the best (12 months) run of covers in a row ever. I look forward every month to see what the cover is. Thanks for the hard work guy&gals


  • 1. Batman: Arkham City

    2. L.A. Noire

    3.  Halo: Reach

    They're all good, these are just my personal top 3 =)

  • Portal or Bioshock infinite

  • Epic Mickey and the Batman one.

  • I must say, the redesign was such a great choice. I too love the Epic Mickey cover, especially the way paint oozes from the characters and the environment. It is absolutely captivating. That is exactly why I love the new covers; instead of seeming commercial and crowded, the simplicity is visually appealing and creates a focus for the cover. Excellent use of white space on 200th issue (I got the Mario one in particular, and I was very pleased). I've read many game magazines, and I must say I hated all of them (especially Best Buy's magazine). But your magazine is the exception. You guys have a passion for games, and it's evident by the work you put in. The personality in your writing is great too (I particularly love everyone's humor). I've always skipped pages that discuss the writers in past magazines I have read, but I actually read the ones in your magazine. You guys are quite the cast. I love the website, and I am so thankful for all of the segments you put out (I especially enjoy the Replays). I know this is a bit long for a comment, but I couldn't help but express my gratitude and admiration for your hard work. Many people say the magazine industry is in decline due to the internet, but you have embraced these changes and created a publication that is truly worth reading.

  • Epic Mickey is my personal favorite because not only was the art great, it was just the perfect choice to pick as the first wrap-around cover. Just the other day I was so so happy when I found a shirt that had that cover art as the image on it. This has been an amazing twelve issues thus far since the redesign especially due to all the ones that went the extra mile such as the Bioshock and Batman ones.

    By the way, not just the relaunch of the magazine has been great, the overhauled is just awesome. It was the first website I ever joined and you guys put out such great features on the website. Thank you for being awesome.
  • Congratulations on one year of awesome covers!

  • Its crazy how different GI has looked throughout the years, and how much better it is since redesign. I remember when I was way little seeing GI at the store, covered in an incredible amount of text, making it seem more like a shopping magazine, to a few years ago when I got my first subscription, where it was 10x better but still not as good as it could be, (with the rounded GI text still breaking into the image)... to the glorious redesign. :)

    All of the covers have been beautiful,... things you want to look at. The redesign makes the covers more like works of art, and less like gaming ads.


    So far my favorite was the radically different Batman Arkham City, and Bioshock infinite. They are truly awesome, and I hope we can keep getting some crazy concept art covers.

    Congrats GI.

  • As an aspiring graphics designer...I love every cover.

    I need to resubscribe...I need the leisure. Beautiful quality. :)

  • Mod

    they're all fantastic. give yourselves a pat on your back. but the best is bioshock infinite (any). great homage to the period.

  • Congrats, you guys have done a great job with the redesign.  

    Personally, I like the Bulletstorm one the most.  It's awesome.  Even though all of the covers are awesome, I think Bulletstorm for me takes the cake.  

  • Holy crap! I can't believe it's been a year!

  • The Epic Mickey cover is just amazing. As a huge Mickey Mouse fan, seeing that the first time blew my face off. I'd hang it in my house.

  • And the only ones I'm missing is Portal 2, Dead Space, and Gears of War 3.

    Maybe someone on ebay has them

  • the Bioshock one is absolutely ridiculous

  • Congrats to you guys, and gals, for reaching the very peak of awesomeness with the magazine redesign, and having the best website that I've ever been a member of!  I can't wait to see what the future holds for GI :)

    As for what my favorite cover would have to be, I would have to pick BioShock Infinite, hands down.  I'm playing through BioShock 2 right now, and I can't wait for Irrational's next title!

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