10 Unexpected, Weird Games We Want On Switch

by Javy Gwaltney on Dec 31, 2017 at 12:00 PM

The Switch has had a busy year, with both exciting new releases and unexpected ports. Nintendo's portable powerhouse continues to draw the interest of third-party and indie developers. We already wrote up the heavy-hitters we want to come to Switch, so we sat down and thought about the lesser-known stuff on the console, y'know, the weirdos. Here are 10 unexpected games we'd love to see on The Switch.

Heat Signature
From the maker of Gunpoint, Heat Signature is an ambitious, fun sci-fi indie that's all about tactics and reaction timing. In Heat Signature, your mission is to board ships. Sometimes you're killing everyone on said ship, sometimes you're just sneaking around to steal tech. Either way Heat Signature is a great combination of action and strategy. Given the dearth of strategy games on The Switch, it'd be great to have this indie gem on there.

You can read Kyle Hilliard's review of the game here.

Skies Of Arcadia
One of the Sega Dreamcast's best games, Skies of Arcadia, a fantastical turn-based JRPG centered around SKY PIRATES, feels like it never got its due. Hey, the Switch gave L.A. Noire a second chance, so why not Skies of Arcadia? We need more pirate games. We need more Switch games. Let's kill this bird with one porty stone, yeah?

Deadly Premonition
Swery 65's weird Twin Peaks-inspired masterpiece, featuring coffee that talks and a town filled with lovable characters, continues to grow its cult following every year. However, the game's super long and runs poorly. Wouldn't it be great to have a decent version on the go? Pretty please?

You can watch our Chronicles series on the game here if you want to see it in action.

Nier Double Pack
This one is a bit of a long shot given Square Enix and Sony's seeming contentedness with making Automata a PS4 console exclusive. Still, a legion of players were introduced to the wackiness that is Nier through Automata and it'd be great to have a chance to take on the original Nier, beloved for its bleak themes and ambitious storytelling.

Phantasy Star Online
Another Dreamcast classic! Phantasy Star Online was a significant title, proving that MMOs could work as an enjoyable experience on consoles after the genre had stuck to PC. How would an MMO even work on Switch, you might ask, with Nintendo's questionable online infrastructure? Good question! Who knows!? Still, we'd love to find out.

Toby Fox's endearing indie classic borrows so much from Earthbound, it would just feel right to have that game on a Nintendo console. The fact that Undertale has been ported to both PS4 and Vita is also encouraging. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for news of this charming game making its way to the Switch.

For many shoot 'em up fans, Ikaruga is the pinnacle of the genre, with its beautiful artwork and frenzied, polarity-flipping based action. The game was ported to Xbox 360 a few years ago and, given the lack of classic shoot 'em ups on Switch, it'd be great to have. 

Max Payne Collection
The Max Payne series, with its snow-tinged noir vibe and classic slo-mo shootouts, deserves another chance in the spotlight. Just like LA Noire, The Switch offers an opportunity for just that. All three games in a single package would make any action fan launch into cheesy, brooding monologues of low-key excitement.

God Hand
God Hand is an absolutely insane brawler and a love it or hate it game. Given Capcom's recent attempts to offload some of its classic games onto the Switch as ports, we'd be keen on seeing this brand of madness make its way to the Switch.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Eternal Darkness wasn't the first game to mess with your head, but to this day it's one of the best. The tanky controls, spooky music, and mind-bending plot make it a perfect horror candidate for the Switch's library. 

What unexpected games do you want to see on Switch, reader? Let us know in the comments below.