Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (December 14, 2017)

by Game Informer Staff on Dec 14, 2017 at 10:57 AM

I accidentally took a week off (working late!) when I forgot about Blog Herding, but we are back! And it seems everyone is thinking about awards, EA, and money. This is one of the more eclectic collections of blogs we've had in a while, so dig in!

Community Blogs For November 31 – December 13:

Ineffective Commercialism
StarterPack writes about Battlefront 2 and how EA really messed up one of the biggest IPs in, well, everything. Maybe things will get better in due time, but I haven't enjoyed this sequel nearly as much as the first game and previous iterations of the franchise before EA got a hold of it.

A Vision for the Next Overwatch Character
I haven't played Overwatch yet, but I recognize quite a few of the characters. Here Brendon Curzio breaks down the character he'd like to add, and he had me at ninja. This may sound odd, but I'm way more interested in these characters and their stories than the actual game.

Why Do People Spend Hundreds of Dollars on a Video Game?
I ask the same question, MikComposer. I rarely spend money on games unless it's for DLC, and even then, I try to buy that on sale. But throwing down bones for something like Pokémon Go coins? Not a chance. Kudos to you if it makes you happy. I just can't justify it.

The Game Awards 2017 Special – Gaming At Its Best
I'm not one for video game awards shows, but GerardoExber's account seems to be a mostly positive one. Like FIFA each year, the awards show seemed to make some positive strides while also regressing in some ways.

The Best Five Games I Played in 2017
Doctor Apozem writes up a little recap of the best games from 2017. I was surprised to see what made the list (partly because it's not all games made in 2017), but it's a pretty solid one. Resident Evil 7 and Wolfenstein (one of my favorite games this year and my favorite in 2014), are all fantastic. Oh, and Mass Effect: Andromeda made the list, sort of. It received the Golden Poo award.

Community Reviews:

Doki Doki Literature Club Review: A Niche Masterpiece
Boo is on the same page as a lot of gaming Twitter. Apparently, Doki Doki has a huge twist and is a must-play. I've seen one video game journalist say it's quite the slog in the beginning before quitting, so I'm not sure I really want to put myself through that. But everyone keeps writing about this twist! I guess it's kind of terrifying.

Writing Challenge:

StarterPack has a challenge for everyone in this blog. It's an interesting and tricky one, so check it out!

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.