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Battlefront is one of those titles that gave Star Wars fans a warm heart. It was complete fan service done right and it still lived in a lot of fans’ hearts even after years of it being out. As of late, the mantle that held the Battlefront title was given to a company that might revive such a game. The team who made the Battlefield franchise was going to design it and the company who has been known for it’s trash was owning the Star Wars title IP. Although knowing what monster was holding a loved game series, we still had hope for it. It came out and we had barely anything to play. Only a few maps and only one redeemable mode to come back to. Battlefront had some great potential to it that gave hope it’s coming sequel, Battlefront II. They promised so much that we actually forgot what monster was holding the title again. I can tell so many already know about this and too many have already covered it as well, but here we go as they say. Hello and welcome to this widely known opinion.

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The game was in hype, if you didn’t already know, so they released a beta to see how cold the pool was. When the community touched the beta, they responded with constructive criticism. Almost every bit of what the player didn’t like was explain calming from what I saw that pleaded for EA to fix. The only worst thing out of this was the lootboxes and the Star Cards pay 2 win aspect, everything else would have been easy fixes for any developer. EA heard our cry and said they would take away the Star Cards and only add in cosmetics. We actually thought they were going to do it! I mean, they only said they would. Said. Anyways, Once the game released in a large hypetrain, the game turned out to be… Well, we already know what it is now. The game was a microtransaction mess that bullied its players to buy them that destroyed casual matches and actual fun in the game, deriving everything that was the old Battlefront games. The legacy we thought they were going to old was already thrown to the floor and shattered to pieces. There is no fixing this mess that EA has created, no fix or patch will change the minds of the stubborn fans of the Classic Star Wars franchise, nothing in the world will help this monster of a company from what a scandal they tried to pull on us.

You may think there might be someone high enough in the company to have the brains to actually fix this, but no! They did nothing to fix the holy promised that was Star Wars Battlefront. As you may have known already, the community is boycotting the game as we speak and anything involving EA’s work, so this might shake EA’s staff right? Well, they wanted to give us a “Q&A.” We asked anything and everything with the amount of faith we had on this once to be thought glorious game and they only answered the ones they wanted. Questions that were easy pleasant for the company to answer and most of the answers they gave us were more bullcrap than No Man’s Sky. It felt more like an insult than anything when they told us that we have to feel like we’re working to get these characters and abilities. The working process of which to unlock these items are at least 40 hours of play time and all that is just for one item. Bull! Bull I say, said everyone on Reddit. And so the same comment that responded with “Work you b**ch,” was downvoted beyond hell itself, holding the record for being the most downvoted post on Reddit. That is a message EA. You should take it to consideration. And… They didn’t.

It took the owner of the IP they’re holding to take down the microtransactions.... Temporarily. A crappy move even though some liberation was taking place. It felt like the gaming community had some control in this instead of being ignored almost like always. Then many politicians and political leaders took action on this game, saying that the game was a gambling simulator and it’s against the law to sell something with such disgusting, unknown rewards. Did that help? I’m not sure, but people are still boycotting the game as we speak. The game got an awful rating, in fact the lowest rating in the decade. I believe it’s still hold the 0.4 rating right now, but I don’t know if EA has learned its lesson or not.

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As for the fans, they’re angry. Anyone that destroys a well known property like Star Wars will be hated of course. Other than we already established, the game was thought to have very little problems. The story was okay, what we had was amazing and the perspective was unique, but was so short lived. It was fun seeing Han in a beard. It was fun playing as characters in the Star Wars franchise that we loved, but it started to feel more like a Greatest Hits collection instead of an actual campaign. The multiplayer is actually fun and has only one, large problem on its hands. I won’t say it because you already know. The only thing that could need changing would be the Dog Fights. It was saddening to see a fun piece of work be so saturated with greed, that this game could have been fun and decent if the game was never involved with you-know-who. This game wouldn’t have been the same disaster that was the release of No Man’s Sky.

When I got my hands on it, after hearing all of those horrible reviews, I thought the game was decent with some good fun to it. I can see how everyone was so mad and felt betrayed, I mean they did say the DLC would be completely free, but if they avoided being greedy with the game would have gotten a lukewarm reception. Critics would have given the game something like a seven or a  possible eight. Then the artistic critics would say it’s not great and give it something meaningless like a five or a four. Everyone would have lived on with their lives without a crisis in our hands that everyone and their mothers have to know and deal with.

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What went through their minds as they did this? I mean of course money was stapled to their freaking brains, but this is a major market that can reflect and change on many things; it’s not just America, it’s the entire world that has to adapt to this kind of economic greed. Freaking Belgium outlawed the game outright and this would hurt the company’s financial gain. Then Hawaii came to say something and have everyone else feel suspicious to investigate. Now everyone has all eyes on you, EA. Running won’t help and talking yourself out won’t either. What you did is unacceptable to both the community and the industry. Why the hell would you do this when it was such an extreme tactic that was more noticeable than an unsubmerged, German U-Boat? 

But in the end do we have to hate on the game? For the sake of hating the company we have to do it publicly, but what about overall? Should we believe the great title Battlefront is dead and ruined for good? Well, they brought back the servers for the classic Battlefront games on PC, so if you want to waste all of your hype, go to those games. I mean, you’d be going against the Boycott, but at least there’s a good Star Wars game out there that you can still enjoy. I know this is kind of a strange post, but I hope you enjoyed this and ‘til next time…

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