It's been more than a year now since Overwatch came out. The crazy thing is, I'm still playing it. Thus far they have kept me in the game with a steady flow of events, new game modes, and new maps, but the one thing that truly keeps things interesting is the addition of new characters. We have seen 2 new DPS characters, 2 new supports, and one new tank. So what character is next? I have no idea, but I want it to be a defense character and I have the perfect idea for how they should play.

Who's the next defensive character???

Currently we have Torb, Bastion, Junkrat, Mei, Widow, and Hanzo. That's two snipers, two "turrets", the ice queen, and the op Junkrat (I'm so sick of Junkrat POTG's). What I want the first new defensive character to bring to the table is something totally new. What is that something new? Clones! Not convinced? Hear me out.

I want to add another assassin/ninja, perhaps a mentor from the Shimada clan, and I want them to be able to deploy shadow clones in a variety of ways. Their abilities would include summoning one offensive clone, two defensive clones, and their special attack would summon four clones that can be set to either attack or defend.

The one offensive clone could be used to help attack a point, provide misdirection allowing you to escape death, or a number of other things depending on the situation. They would have roughly half the stats of their host, so half health and half damage. The two defensive clones could, obviously, be used to defend a point. Whether it is an offensive clone or the defensive clones, they would act as a normal player in the sense that their presence would count towards taking a point, defending a point, or even causing overtime. The characters ultimate would summon four clones that could be set to attack or defend before summoning and they would work the same as the regular clones.

There is always a master and an apprentice, time to meet the master!

At this point you may be thinking, "Well that all sounds really cool, but what kind of weapon would they have I wonder?" GREAT QUESTION! Their weapon of choice would be chain and sickle providing close and midrange attacks. For midrange they would attack straight ahead, similar to Roadhog's hook, but the damage would be significant. The straight ahead attack would stop as soon as it connects, so if a character is right in front of you it would be possible to attack again more quickly. If you miss the attack then you would be at a disadvantage becuase the attack would travel its full distance before returning. At close range there would be an offensive and defensive attack where you swing your weapon around in a circle that causes AOE damage and nullifies projectile damage. The AOE attack would obviously have a cool down, but successfully connecting with the straight ahead attack could lower the cool down time on the AOE.

The clones would have the same straight forward attack as the player, but they would only be allowed to use the AOE once. Attacking clones would use the AOE as an attack and cause as much damage as possible, and defending clones would use their AOE to defend a point and to prevent damage so they live longer.

I realize this would be a lot for the developer to create. Balancing this character would probably be quite challenging, but I think it would be a really awesome character to play and the abilities would fit in great.

So what do you think? Would you like to see this character added, or are you done with Overwatch? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading.