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e3 2016

Our Favorite Monsters Of E3 2016

by Matt Miller on Jun 18, 2016 at 10:30 AM

As E3 closes its doors for another year, it’s time to take a breath and think back about the deluge of new game info that has hit rapid-fire over the last week. While many memorable moments and characters had their time in the sun, we were also struck by some of the cool monsters that stole the spotlight this year, often drawing attention away from the heroes and settings they inhabit.

Check out our picks for the coolest monsters of E3, and tell us your favorites in the comments below. 

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Corruptor

Gamers have been patiently waiting for new info about Horizon Zero Dawn since last year’s E3, and the extensive new demo shown by Guerrilla this year didn’t let them down. Aloy seems like a great new protagonist, and the setting is fascinating, but one of the standout features this time around was the aggression and power of the enemy Aloy fights during the demo. The Corruptor is true to its name, with the ability to capture other machine creatures in the world and turn them to its own ends. The superstitious people of the world think this Corruptor is a demon, but Aloy knows it’s just another piece of technology that needs to be controlled. Regardless of how it’s perceived, the Corruptor's varied attacks and aggressive nature lead to some terrifying combat, and hint at what we think might be a larger story thread that weaves through the upcoming action/RPG. 

Friday the 13th’s Jason

The old Friday the 13th movies weren't just fun and scary not because of cheesy dialogue and clever kills. They were all about Jason. In his face-obscuring hockey mask, he was impossible to understand and overwhelming in his bloody pursuit of death. The game received some new details and gameplay shown off during E3 week, and it’s clear that developer Illfonic has nailed what’s scary about the monster. Jason stalks through the woods, bashing teenagers into walls, teleporting into their paths, and stabbing them in their hiding places. It’s all the more intense because one of the players gets to control his actions. 

God of War’s Troll

Surging up from under a stone bridge, the big foe in the new God of War demo left little room for question about where the franchise is heading. Trolls have their roots in the Norse and Scandinavian mythology, and we even hear the giant beast shouting about Valhalla as he furiously assaults Kratos. This new troll enemy is menacing and furious, and maintains the reputation for fierce monsters that characterized earlier games in the franchise. Roaring and sputtering with every swing of his massive pillar of a club, this monster was formidable in its own right, but set the stage for a whole new wave of foes for the Spartan warrior to confront, even as he deals with the new challenge of caring for his son.

The Last Guardian’s Trico

Not every monster needs to be a threatening foe. We’ve waited years to experience  The Last Guardian, and this E3 finally brought us a release date. At the core of the game lies the relationship between a boy and a beast many times his size. Even in the early glimpse on display during the show, it’s clear that the developers are walking a fine line with the strange towering companion creature. It is powerful and dangerous, but also protective and vulnerable. Like a loyal pet that is just a little too out of control, we expect some powerful emotions connected to the developing relationship between child and creature

Ghost Recon: Wildland’s El Pozolero

Some of the best monsters are the ones we can believe really exist, and that’s certainly the case with the mission target we witnessed in the new Ghost Recon demo at E3. Known as the “Stewmaker” because he makes the bodies disappear, this vicious cartel thug becomes the main target in a harrowing encounter that starts out stealthy, and rapidly devolves into a frantic chase. The villain’s barrels of acid for melting bodies indicate a savagery and terror not just around the character, but the larger organization he works for. And El Pozolero’s flight away from the Ghosts indicates a level of A.I. awareness that is sure to stymie players when Ghost Recon Wildlands releases on March 7, 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Guardians

Nintendo wowed the E3 crowd this week with an extensive look at the world and gameplay of its new Zelda project. While lots of story details remain under wraps, we did get a glimpse at what appears to be one of the important fixtures of this new world – the mysterious Guardian creatures that regularly confront Link during his journey.  The creature is even getting its own dedicated Amiibo. This tentacled monstrosity has an array of combat tricks with which it can battle our intrepid hero, from blasting laser beams to lighting nearby grass on fire. Dilapidated and inoperative guardians in the world also hinted at a larger mystery, perhaps alluding to a technological past for this strange new world. And what exactly are these Guardians guarding, and why are they so intent on stopping Link? Even with lots of footage already available, we’re left with more questions than answers as we wait for the eventual release of this long-awaited sequel.