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A Massive List Of Xbox One Exclusives

by Game Informer Editorial on Sep 25, 2015 at 02:02 PM

Not everyone can afford the luxury of owning every video game console, making the decision of which hardware to buy difficult. There's also an plethora of indie games to wade through, making the job of parsing all the exclusives even harder. Thankfully, the Game Informer staff has worked to the best of our ability to gather up all the exclusives appearing on the Xbox One. Hopefully this huge list of Xbox One exclusives, which will be periodically updated moving forward, will help you unlock the full potential of the system. Note: Some games are also playable on PC, but their only console release is on the Xbox One. 

[Editor's Note: This list was co-written by Alissa McAloon, Christian Belland, and Hershall Cook. We've also got a PlayStation 4 exclusives list, and a Wii U list in the works]

Publisher: Other Ocean Interactive
Developer: Other Ocean Interactive
Release: January 30, 2015
Rating: 8.25
"Other Ocean's #IDARB, or It Draws a Red Box, began as a tweet from developer Mike Mika asking for input from his followers on a project for which he didn't have any particular plans or ultimate goals. After continued input from the community, the result became #IDARB, an eSports game with an absurd sense of humor and a frantic, contagious energy." – Kyle Hilliard

Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution
Publisher: High Tale Studios
Developer: High Tale Studios
Release: 2015

Action News Heroes
Publisher: Krewe Studios
Developer:  Krewe Studios
Release: 2016

Air Guitar Warrior
Publisher: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Developer: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Release: March 28, 2017

Air Missions: HIND
Publisher: 3Division
Developer: 3Division
Release: June 13, 2017

All Things Go Boom
Publisher: Double Bomb Interactive
Developer: Double Bomb Interactive
Release: TBA

Amazing Princess Sarah
Publisher: Haruneko Entertainment
Developer: Haruneko Entertainment
Release: January 28, 2016

Publisher: Kittehface Software
Developer: Kittehface Software
Release: August 9, 2016

Aritana And The Harpy's Feather
Publisher: Duaik Entretenimento
Developer: Duaik Entretenimento
Release: September 8, 2015

Publisher: Aurora44
Developer: Aurora44
Release: TBA
"The game's demo showed off two explorers in a lush but lonely landscape. Opening a tomb-like underground vault, the pair get more than they bargained for. Skeletal beings of different sizes come to life and attack the explorers. According to the demo, their adventure isn't over, however. Back outside, we see one of the explorers sitting atop a sweeping mountain summit. Above it hovers a massive whale-like animal. Aurora44 says that choice will be a big factor in Ashen, forcing the player to decide who to trust in the world." – Matthew Kato

A Walk In The Dark
Publisher: Flying Turtle
Developer: Flying Turtle
Release: May 18, 2017

Bacon Man: An Adventure
Publisher: Skymap
Developer: Skymap
Release: TBA

Battle High 2 A+
Publisher: Mattrified Games, LLC
Developer: Mattrified Games, LLC
Release: December 15, 2015

Beatsplosion For Kinect
Publisher: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Developer: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Release: December 29, 2015

Publisher: Capybara Games
Developer: Capybara Games
Release:  2015
"The game is visually striking, as the player character is a mere dot on the screen. The presentation focuses on the huge, overwhelming environment rather than the player itself, and this does a great job of conveying that you're alone in a strange world that's indifferent to your presence at best, hostile and unwelcoming at worst." – Daniel Tack

Publisher: AOL
Developer: Float Hybrid
Release: August 8, 2016

Bike Mayhem 2
Publisher: Goldmark Studios
Developer: Goldmark Studios
Release: February 4, 2016

BoomBall For Kinect
Publisher: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Developer: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Release:  November 28, 2014

BoomBall 2 For Kinect
Publisher: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Developer: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Release: December 20, 2016

Publisher: E-Home Entertainment Development Ltd., Co.
Developer: Spotlightor Interactive
Release: January 31, 2017

Calibre 10 Racing
Publisher: Bongfish
Developer: Bongfish
Release:  2015
"This spiritual successor to the XBLA underground hit Harms Way injects player controlled gun turrets into the mix to spice up the otherwise traditional racing. Four teams of two players compete against one another, jockeying for first place while trying to run opponents off the road with well placed ordnance strikes. Instead of letting the shooter ride shotgun, developer Bongfish chose to give them control of turrets stationed around the race course. Only one player can occupy a turret at once, so you need to pick your shots well when you finally jump to an open turret and get an opposing racer in your sights." – Matt Bertz

Castle Crashers Remastered
Publisher: The Behemoth
Developer: The Behemoth
Release:  2015
"Behemoth's enormous hit, Castle Crashers, is getting a remastered version. Castle Crashers Remastered is not only set to feature increased visuals, but also some new features. The trailer touts better frame rate, better textures, and improved matchmaking and online performance. The package also includes a new minigame." – Brian Shea

Publisher: FennecFox Entertainment
Developer: FennecFox Entertainment
Release: August 20, 2015

ClusterPuck 99
Publisher: PHL Collective
Developer: PHL Collective
Release:  2015

Commander Cherry For Kinect
Publisher: Grande Games
Developer: Grande Games
Release: August 13, 2015

Crackdown 3
Publisher:  Microsoft Studios
Developer: Cloudgine
Release:  November 7, 2017
"Crackdown 3 is virtually split into two chunks, offering both a story-driven campaign as well as a dedicated multiplayer mode with destruction on an unparalleled level. I got to lay waste to the city with several other Agents in one of the messiest demos I've seen. In this multiplayer demo, the game was stripped to its destructive essence. Agents couldn't interact with vehicles strewn throughout the city, either by driving them or throwing them with superhuman strength, and god mode was turned on." – Jeff Cork

Crabitron Kinect
Publisher: Two Lives Left
Developer: Two Lives Left
Release:  2015

Crimson Dragon
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Grounding Inc.
Release:  November 22, 2013
Rating: 6
"Crimson Dragon's development was turbulent, starting out as a Kinect-only title for the Xbox 360. Somewhere along the way, Microsoft decided that it would look better on the Xbox One and play better without the motion controls. Though Crimson Dragon has a slight next gen aesthetic, the controls are unintuitive and sluggish - proving that you can't change the recipe after you've started cooking." – Ben Reeves

Crypt Of The Serpent King
Publisher: Rendercode Games
Developer: Rendercode Games
Release: December 20, 2016

Publisher: NicoplvGames
Developer: NicoplvGames
Release: January 7, 2016

Publisher: Studio MDHR
Developer: Studio MDHR
Release:  September 29, 2017
"StudioMDHR's Cuphead made an impression when it was shown during Microsoft's E3 press conference last year. When we hear the word "retro" used to describe a game's art style, many of us think of 8- or 16-bit sprites. Cuphead takes inspiration from material that's significantly older – cartoons from the '20s and '30s." – Jeff Cork

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Access Games
Release:  September 19, 2014
Rating: 7.5
"D4 is an episodic murder mystery that occasionally dabbles in heartwarming and serious tones, but mostly goes out of its way to entertain with madcap humor. These moments include a grown woman who acts like a cat and carries a live rat in her mouth, and a joyfully gluttonous associate who devours three chili dogs at once during a dinner conversation. Fans of the cult hit Deadly Premonition will recognize this puzzling tonal blend, as it is the fingerprint of game creator Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro and his studio, Access Games. Swery and his crew succeed again in making a game that is so weird and engaging that I can't fully comprehend it, but I want more of whatever it is." – Andrew Reiner

Dad Beat Dads
Publisher: Stellar Jay Studios
Developer: Stellar Jay Studios
Release: February 4, 2016

Dance Central Spotlight
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Harmonix
Release:  September 2, 2014
Rating: 6
"Dancing still feels great with Spotlight. I may look like an idiot flailing my arms around and pretending to be coordinated, but I would never know. Dance Central has a way of making dancing enjoyable to just about anyone, and that gameplay comes through with Spotlight. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel drastically improved with the new hardware. I didn't feel like the tracking was any better or worse than it has been in the past, and even though I got an achievement for having my biometrics tracked, I didn't see it change the core gameplay in any way." – Kyle Hilliard

Dead Rising 3
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Capcom Vancouver
Release:  Novermber 22, 2013
Rating: 8.75
"Dead Rising 3 expands the scale of its open world while making everything easier - from weapon crafting to exploration. Story Mode extends the constantly ticking doomsday clock so players have plenty of time to complete sidequests and hunt for weapon combinations. Nightmare Mode keeps the series' traditional speedier clock in place for those who want a more tense experience. Four city sections of Los Perdidos (a Los Angeles doppelganger) are connected by ruinous highways congested with the shambling dead. Using the minimap to spot collectibles, set waypoints, and hunt down your next objective is so easy and fun that I found myself playing for hours before activating the next story mission." – Tim Turi

Dead Rising 4
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Capcom Vancouver
Release: December 6, 2016
Rating: 8.75
"I enjoyed getting dirty in Dead Rising 4’s madcap sandbox, and I’d expect that people who have kept up with the series will also have a great time wreaking havoc in Willamette. Players who wanted to get into it before but were put off by the time constraints should definitely give it a shot, too. In many ways, this is the game that people who just wanted to be a one-man zombie wrecking crew were probably hoping for all along." – Jeff Cork

Death God University
Publisher: DSK Green Ice Games
Developer: DSK Green Ice Games
Release: October 13, 2016

Dragon Bros
Publisher: Space Lizard Studio LTD
Developer: Space Lizard Studio LTD
Release: May 30, 2017

Draw A Stickman: EPIC
Publisher:, Inc.
Developer:, Inc.
Release: September 10, 2015

Dungeon Of The Endless
Publisher: Amplitude Studios
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Release: March 15, 2016

Publisher: Storm in a Teacup
Developer: Storm in a Teacup
Release:  2015

Factotum 90
Publisher: TACS Games
Developer: TACS Games
Release: February 9, 2016

Fallout Shelter
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Bethesda Softworks 
Release: February 7, 2017

Fermi's Path
Publisher: GameArt Studio
Developer: GameARt STudio
Release:  2015

Fighter Within
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Daoka
Release:  November 22, 2013
Rating: 1
"From its unreliable (or non-functional) mechanics to its doofy character designs and hilariously bad writing, Fighter Within is garbage. It fails to operate on any level, and the content isn't deep enough to be fun even if everything worked. If you were hoping for an Xbox One launch title that shows off the technological leaps made by the new Kinect, you certainly won't find it with Fighter Within." – Dan Ryckert

Publisher: Clapfoot
Developer: Clapfoot
Release:  2015
"Fortified is a cooperative game that puts players in the shoes of one of four heroes, tasking them with defending a base from towering alien robots. Each of those characters has a play style that supports a different role in defense. While players can choose to play as any character at any time, a more diverse squad benefits from different perks." – Jon Gregory

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast And Furious
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Turn 10 Studios
Release: March 26, 2015

Forza Horizon 3
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Playground Games
Release: September 27, 2016
Rating: 9.25
"Forza Horizon 3 is a delight, and it’s one of those rare racing hybrids that should appeal to gearheads who want deep tuner options and people on the other end of the spectrum who just want exciting arcade-racing action. It’s this generation’s best racer, and my favorite Forza game to date." – Andrew Reiner

Forza Motorsport 5
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Turn 10 Studios
Release:  November 22, 2013
Rating: 8.75
"The launch of the Xbox One may seem like a fitting place to host the newest Forza game, but five titles in, the franchise itself is not a newcomer. As such, the expectations for Forza 5 are high; it needs to exhibit the new power of the system and continue the series' ascending trajectory. By those criteria, Forza 5 succeeds on one hand and falls short on the other. This is the most fun I've had racing in a Forza title, and yet it's not the most complete entry in the franchise." – Matthew Kato

Forza Motorsport 6
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Turn 10 Studios
Release:  September 15, 2015
Rating: 7.75
"It's not a contradiction that Forza 6 is as fun as it is disappointing. Its faults and omissions do not make it a bad game or one that veers dramatically from the franchise's path." – Matthew Kato

Publisher: Through Games
Developer: Through Games
Release:  TBA
"If you were to play the game hidden out of Kinect's sight, you'd see a little mustached man and a few drab platforms. That's why you need to get up. Once your virtual shadow comes into the picture, it reveals a hidden layer, which in turn opens up a realm of puzzling possibilities. For example. You might need to reach a door that's seemingly out of your jumping range. By walking back and forth in your room, you'll learn that if you position your body just so, it makes an otherwise invisible ledge pop into existence, giving our hero a chance to leap toward success." – Jeff Cork

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2
Publisher: Halfbrick Studios
Developer: Hibernum Creations Inc.
Release:  March 18, 2015
"HalfBrick Studios has a released a new live action trailer for the upcoming release of Fruit Ninja Kinect 2. As you might expect there are some real life Fruit Ninjas in the trailer, but that assumption doesn't even begin to prepare you for what follows." – Justin Mikos

Gears of War 4
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: The Coalition
Release:  October 11, 2016
Rating: 9.25
"Even with a new studio leading the development charge, Gears of War 4 is a return to form for the series, and is a continual delight, even if it does unnecessarily cling for dear life to the past." – Andrew Reiner

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: The Coalition
Release:  August 25, 2015
Rating: 8
"New and old players alike should feel no hesitation about seeing this as the definitive way to play the opening story of the Gears epic. The new edition doesn’t remake the cog, but it certainly makes it shiny again." – Matt Miller

Publisher: Echostone Games
Developer: Echostone Games
Release:  TBA

Ghost of a Tale
Publisher: Seith CG
Developer: Seith CG
Release:  2015
"You can check out the gameplay trailer for Ghost of a Tale below, which features a highly detailed mouse, sneaking his way through underground caverns taking on enemies like giant rats and crabs. It recalls the darker anthropomorphic animal tales of The Secret of NIMH, or Brian Jacques' Redwall series of books, which featured anthropomorphic animals fighting and participating wars in a medieval setting." – Kyle Hilliard

Publisher: Motiga
Developer: Motiga
Release:  July 20, 2017
Rating: 6.5
"Gigantic is an accessible MOBA that admirably scales the genre down, but loses the magic that makes the genre so enticing. It lacks many of the myriad ability and character interactions that make learning these kinds of games so much fun, and the combat doesn’t find a comfortable center between MOBA and third-person action. " – Suriel Vasquez

Publisher: Torque Studios
Developer: Torque Studios
Release:  TBD

G Prime Into The Rain
Publisher: Code-Monkeys LLC
Developer: Soma Games
Release: January 5, 2016

Publisher: Noble Whale
Developer: Noble Whale
Release:  2015

GRIDD: Retroenhanced
Publisher: Kongregate
Developer: Antab Games
Release: July 25, 2017

Gunworld: Xbox One Edition
Publisher: m07games
Developer: m07games
Release: September 15, 2015

Hack, Slash, And Backstab
Publisher: MAGIC Spell Studios
Developer: MAGIC Spell Studios
Release: August 30, 2016

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: 343 Industries
Release:  November 11, 2014
Rating: 9.25
"This collection includes four full games - plus multiplayer for each one. 2011's Halo: Anniversary remake is delivered here with some added tweaks, Halo 3 and 4 have new lighting and other effects, and all the games have a better framerate. Halo 2, however, is the highlight of the collection, and the piece that received the most attention." – Kyle Hilliard

Halo 5: Guardians
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: 343 Industries
Release:  October 27, 2015
Rating: 8.75
"If the last major entry represented 343 taking possession of the Halo house, this new installment shows it is ready to move the furniture around and make it their own. Some aspects of the game feel different than what longtime players have come to expect, but I’m happy to see a willingness to innovate. Despite some missteps, Halo 5 is an easy recommendation for the predominant moments during which the game shines." – Matt Miller

Halo: Spartan Assault
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Vanguard Games
Release: December 22, 2013
Rating: 8.25
"The emotions Halo inspires, like panic from hearing your shield beep as enemies overcome you or the explosive joy you feel from throwing a well-placed grenade, are all on display here. Spartan Assault is a true Halo game, even if the series’ signature scope and size are scaled down." – Kyle Hilliard

Halo Wars 2
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Creative Assembly
Release: February 21, 2017
Rating: 7.5
"I enjoyed my time with the first Halo Wars, so I’m glad that Microsoft took a chance with a sequel. Unfortunately, aside from Blitz, I don’t feel like Creative Assembly pushed the envelope. Simplified base building, smaller maps, and outdated level design keep Halo Wars 2 for achieving great heights. However, if you loved the first Halo Wars, this entry delivers more of the same." – Ben Reeves

Happy Dungeons
Publisher: Toylogic Inc
Developer: Toylogic Inc
Release:  2016

HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Developer: Upper Byte
Release: June 7, 2016

In Between
Publisher: Headup Games
Developer: Gentlymad
Release: June 7, 2016

Into The Belly Of The Beast
Publisher: Lucky Brograms
Developer: Lucky Brograms
Release: June 21, 2016

Publisher: RocketWerkz
Developer: RocketWerkz
Release:  TBA
"DayZ creator Dean Hall appeared onstage at the E3 2015 Xbox press conference to announce his new game, Ion. While there were not a whole lot of details presented (I'd expect to see more at the PC press conference tomorrow!), the game appears to take place in the vastness of outer space. Ion will be available through Xbox One's "early access" program, Xbox Game Preview." – Daniel Tack

Kaiju Panic
Publisher: Mechabit Ltd
Developer: Mechabit Ltd
Release: October 8, 2015

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Press Play
Release:  December 17, 2014
"In Kalimba, players control two totems simultaneously, platforming their way through puzzles and challenges while using a series of super powers like gravity manipulation and flight. You can check out a trailer for the game below." – Kyle Hilliard

Killer Instinct
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Double Helix Games/Iron Galaxy
Release:  November 22, 2013
Rating: 8.75
"Killer Instinct is an absolute blast to play, and appeals to both my casual and hardcore fighter sensibilities. It has one of my favorite fighting game engines in recent memory. I hope that more characters are added, and players get the ability to create spectator ­lobbies in the future. Despite those problems, Double Helix has exceeded expectations in resurrecting this franchise as a fun and accessible fighter." – Jason Oestreicher

Kinect Sports Rivals
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Rare Ltd.
Release:  April 8, 2014
Rating: 6.5
"Kinect Sports Rival is a showcase for the technology first and foremost, letting users compete in six sporting events (wake racing, rock climbing, target shooting, soccer, bowling, and tennis) played entirely with motion controls. Each works to a varying degree of success, but the package is much better in terms of fine control than its predecessor." – Matt Helgeson

Kingdom: New Lands
Publisher: Raw Fury
Developer: Noio
Release: August 8, 2016

Knight Squad
Publisher: Chainawesome Games
Developer: Chainawesome Games
Release:  2015

Kung-Fu For Kinect
Publisher: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Developer: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Release: June 23, 2016

Publisher: Ninja Egg
Developer: Ninja Egg
Release: July 12, 2016

Land It!
Publisher: Nemesys Games
Developer: Nemesys Games
Release: June 21, 2016

Line Of Defense Tactics
Publisher: 3000AD, Inc
Developer: 3000AD, Inc
Release: December 10, 2015

The Little Acre
Publisher: Pewter Games Studios
Developer: Pewter Games Studios
Release:  2015

The Living Dungeon
Publisher: Radiation Burn
Developer: Radiation Burn
Release: January 28, 2016

Magnetic: Cage Closed
Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment
Developer: Guru Games
Release: August 27, 2015

MagNets: Fully Charged
Publisher: Total Monkery
Developer: Total Monkery
Release: March 10, 2016

Massive Chalice
Publisher: Double Fine Productions
Developer: Double Fine Productions
Release:  June 1, 2015
Rating: 8
"Massive Chalice wears its XCOM love on its sleeve; everything from its tactical interface where deadly enemies hide behind a fog of war to its top level strategy that lets player accelerate through time while researching new tools feels reminiscent of Firaxis' recent strategy masterpiece. Double Fine made no secret of its love for strategy when it raised $1.2 million during a Kickstarter for this game, but now that we've had a chance to kick its tires we've discovered that Massive Chalice may feel familiar in a lot of ways, but it's still different enough to stand on its own." – Ben Reeves

Mayan Death Robots: Arena
Publisher: Sileni Studios
Developer: Sileni Studios
Release: May 18, 2017

Mimic Arena
Publisher: Tiny Horse Games
Developer: Tiny Horse Games
Release: May 17, 2016

Publisher: Projectile Entertainment
Developer: Projectile Entertainment
Release: August 11, 2016

Monkey King Saga
Publisher: T-Rex Games
Developer: T-Rex Games
Release: June 14, 2016

Publisher: Flying Mollusk
Developer: Flying Mollusk
Release: January 10, 2017

n' Verlore Verstand
Publisher: Skobbejak Games
Developer: Skobbejak Games
Release: April 20, 2017

One Hundred Ways
Publisher: KISS
Developer: Sunlight Games
Release: October 6, 2016

Publisher: 4Bit Games
Developer: 4Bit Games
Release: September 29, 2015

Ori And The Blind Forest
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Moon Studios GmbH
Release: March 10, 2015
Rating: 9.5
"Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the best games of the year, and should be a no-brainer for anyone looking for an exciting new adventure to dive into." – Andrew Reiner

Ostrich Island: Escape from Paradise
Publisher: MeDungeon Games
Developer: MeDungeon Games
Release:  2015

Publisher: Dead Drop Studios LLC
Developer: Dead Drop Studios LLC
Release: June 15, 2017

Perfect Woman
Publisher: Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder
Developer: Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder
Release: September 13, 2016

Phantom Dust
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer:  [Not in active development, not canceled]
Release:  TBA

"One of Microsoft's surprise announcements at E3 2014 was the revival of original Xbox property Phantom Dust. In February, Microsoft separated the project from developer Darkside Games. Following the removal of the project from Darkside, Microsoft told us that Phantom Dust was still in development. Apparently, in the intervening months, the project was further downgraded." - Mike Futter

Pit People
Publisher: The Behemoth
Developer: The Behemoth
Release:  TBA

Plague Inc: Evolved
Publisher: Ndemic Creations
Developer: Ndemic Creations
Release:  2015

Publisher: Madruga Works
Developer: Madruga Works
Release: May 2, 2017

Planet of the Eyes
Publisher:  Cococucumber
Developer: Cococucumber
Release:  2015

Publisher: Brushfire Games
Developer: Brushfire Games
Release: October 1, 2015

Powerstar Golf
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Zoe Mode
Release:  October 22, 2013
Rating: 8
"Zoe Mode is new to the golf scene, but Powerstar Golf plays a like a seasoned pro, nailing most of the fundamentals of the sport, and establishing its own identity by applying little magic to a gameplay formula we know well." - Andrew Reiner

Project Spark
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Team Dakota
Release:  October 7, 2014
Rating: 7.5
"Project Spark offers an impressive collection of tools for tinkerers, or even someone who might want to try prototyping an idea, but the experience is what you're willing to make of it. It won't make a designer out of everyone, but if you're eager to invest and study, it can be a versatile and enjoyable tool." - Kyle Hilliard

Publisher: liica,inc.
Developer: liica,inc.
Release: June 25, 2015

Quantum Rush: Champions
Publisher: Gameart Studios
Developer: Game Art Studios
Release:  June 19, 2015

Quantum Break
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Release:  April 5, 2016
Rating: 8.5
"Quantum Break isn’t a perfect game; it’s a bold experiment in how two mediums can tell a larger story, and at times it pays off. It would be foolish for every game to attempt to emulate this form of storytelling, but Quantum Break as a gaming oddity deserves attention." - Andrew Reiner

Quatros Origins
Publisher: God As A Cucumber
Developer: Stijn Van Coillie  Tracy Baeckelandt 
Release: July 28, 2016

Quest of Dungeons
Publisher: Upfall Studios
Developer: Upfall Studios
Release:  September 4, 2015

"Quest of Dungeons actually seems like a pretty fleshed-out roguelike. It sports all of the roguelike trappings, such as procedurally generated areas, dungeon exploring, lots of loot, and permadeath. The game has a charming pixel art aesthetic that's easy on the eyes." - Shin Hieftje

Raging Justice
Publisher: Makin' Games
Developer: Makin' Games
Release:  2015

Rare Replay
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Rare
Release:  August 4, 2015
Rating: 8.75
"I have little reason not to recommend Rare Replay, even to those who don't have nostalgia for the studio. The breadth of content is impressive, and each game has been faithfully ported and upgraded in ways that don't interfere with the original experience. It serves as an exciting reminder of Rare's best years and makes seeing the developer's iconic blue and gold logo exciting all over again." - Kyle Hilliard

Reagan Gorbachev
Publisher: Team2Bit
Developer: Team2Bit
Release: February 23, 2016

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer:  Comcept/Armature Studios
Release:  September 13, 2016
Rating: 5.5
"ReCore is a poster child for wasted potential. At its heart is a good (though not great) game, marred by long load times, technical problems (including frame rates dips and the occasional crash), and bad pacing. The infuriating and frivolous road blocks may have doubled the length of the 20-hour game, but they also halved my fun." - Jeff Marchaifava

Publisher: Dominique Grieshofer
Developer: Dominique Grieshofer
Release: June 6, 2017

RevErsi Quest
Publisher: Pollyanna Co., Ltd.
Developer: Pollyanna Co., Ltd.
Release: July 14, 2016

Rivals of Aether
Publisher: Dan Fornace
Developer: Dan Fornace
Release:  2015
"Rivals of Aether's creator, Dan Fornace, is a big fan of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., and he makes no attempts to hide it [...] Much like Super Smash Bros., success depends on how good you are at knocking people off the ledge." - Kyle Hilliard

Ryse: Son of Rome
Publisher:  Microsoft Studios, Crytek, Deep Silver
Developer: Crytek
Release:  November 22, 2013
Rating: 6
"When I show my friends what Xbox One is capable of graphically, I'm going to pop in Ryse. The visuals are breathtaking, but the gameplay flips on a dime between being legitimately fun and downright bad. There is no middle ground. It's very much the extreme of both." - Andrew Reiner

Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Frontier Developments
Release: March 3, 2015
"The bulk of the thrills in ScreamRide come early, then taper off as the experience becomes more complicated. After that, the frustrations stack up and make everything feel like a chore – not the ideal mood for a game about amusement park attractions." – Joe Juba

Sea of Thieves
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Rare
Release:  TBA
"Players can pilot and explore islands with others aboard their pirate ship, engage other ships (including in ship-to-ship combat with cannonballs and ship ramming), and even make crew members walk the plank above shark-infested waters." - Matthew Kato

Shape Up
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release:  November 11, 2014
"When Ubisoft Montreal demoed Shape Up during E3 last year, it was the silly-looking fitness game where people worked out with elephants on their backs. Now it's the silly-looking fitness game that we're playing with elephants on our backs. Is it fun? Kind of, but it's also a good workout." - Ben Reeves

Publisher: 227 Garage Studios
Developer: 227 Garage Studios
Release:  TBA

Sixty Second Shooter Prime
Publisher: Happion Labratories
Developer: Happion Laboratories
Release:  June 18, 2014

Skyling: Garden Defense
Publisher: Mighty Studios, LLC
Developer: Mighty Studios, LLC
Release: April 18, 2016

Publisher: Nevernaut Games
Developer: NEvernaut Games
Release:  July 17, 2015

Slice Zombies for Kinect
Publisher: Made GmbH
Developer: Made GmbH
Release:  May 8, 2015

Slime Rancher
Publisher: Monomi Park
Developer: Monomi Park
Release: July 31, 2017
Rating: 8.5
"Slime Rancher has the ability to keep you hooked for hours; I often looked out over my ranch, felt pride at my accomplishments, and eagerly ventured back into the wilderness to see what other strange things I could find." – Joe Juba

Soda Drinker Pro
Publisher: Snowrunner Productions
Developer: Snowrunner Productions
Release: April 13, 2016

The Solus Project
Publisher: Grib Digital s.r.o.
Developer: Hourences, Grip Games
Release: July 11, 2016

Space Engineers
Publisher: Keen Software House
Developer: Keen Software House
Release:  TBA

"Space Engineers challenges players to work together to gather resources for building and maintaining space stations. The game includes a survival mode to test your flexibility in dealing with new challenges, as well as a creative mode that allows you and friends to build to your hearts' content." - Matt Bertz

Publisher: Blazing Orb
Developer: Blazing Orb
Release:  2015

Publisher: Rusto
Developer: Rusto
Release: March 17, 2016

Spectra: 8bit Racing
Publisher:  Mastertronic
Developer: Gateway Interactive
Release:  July 10, 2015 

Speedboat Challenge
Publisher: WS net
Developer: WS net 
Release: October 4, 2016

Squid Hero For Kinect
Publisher: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Developer: Virtual Air Guitar Company
Release: July 28, 2015

Publisher: Unruly Attractions
Developer: Unruly Attractions
Release: September 29, 2015

Star Balls
Publisher: Bolder Games
Developer: Bolder Games
Release: May 30, 2017

Starpoint Gemini 2
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Developer: Little Green Men
Release:  2015

Steel Rain X
Publisher: Polarity Flow
Developer: Polarity Flow
Release: December 15, 2016

Stories Of Bethem: Full Moon
Publisher: GuGames Development
Developer: GuGames Development
Release: September 1, 2016

Sunset Overdrive
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Insomniac Games
Release:  October 28, 2014
Rating: 9.25
"Outside of the mission monotony, Sunset Overdrive is an immensely rewarding experience that has a look and style all its own and a great gameplay package to complement it. It's a colorful return to form for Insomniac Games, and a hell of an exclusive for Xbox One." - Andrew Reiner

Super Bomb Rush
Publisher: Curvature Systems
Developer: Curvature Systems
Release: June 20, 2017

Publisher: Superhot Team
Developer: Superhot Team
Release:  2015
"The title's conceit is that time only moves when you do (we had a chance to check it out as an Oculus Rift demo at E3). Superhot was a Kickstarter success from Poland, and gives players a chance to live out their Matrix fantasies. No release date was announced." - Mike Futter

Super Night Riders
Release: May 17, 2016

Publisher: Frogshark
Developer: Frogshark
Release:  2016

Publisher: Fullbright
Developer: Fullbright
Release:  2015
"Space hasn't changed the fact that these are people who have everyday problems while harboring their own secrets and insecurities. Being locked on a space station also comes with its own sets of problems: How do these people deal with the isolation? When you take a job on Tacoma, it's a yearlong stint, so you're stuck with the same people day in, day out. 'It's like if you were housemates with people, but could never leave the house,' says Fullbright co-founder Steve Gaynor." - Kimberley Wallace

Talent Not Included
Publisher: Frima Originals
Developer: Frima Studio
Release: April 4, 2017

The Toilet Chronicles
Publisher: The Pyxel Pub
Developer: The Pyxel Pub
Release:  2015

Publisher: Sirvo
Developer: Sirvo
Release:  December 5, 2014
Rating: 9
"The gameplay is simple in concept but challenging to master, keeping it engaging enough for extended periods. Threes encourages players to adjust and develop their own strategies, which makes the hunt for a top leaderboard spot consistently entertaining. Its interface consists of a grid of numbers that you can slide, which is ideal for touchscreen devices. If you've ever enjoyed a puzzle game, I can't think of a single reason that you shouldn't play Threes." - Dan Ryckert

Publisher: Brainy Studio
Developer: Brainy Studio
Release: May 31, 2016

Unit 4
Publisher: Gamera Interactive
Developer: Gamera Interactive
Release: May 23, 2017

Unnamed Fiasco
Publisher: Unnamed Fiasco Team
Developer: Unnamed Fiasco Team
Release: August 16, 2016

Voice Commander
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
Developer: Microsoft Foundry Intern Program
Release:  October 22, 2014

Voodoo Vince: Remastered
Publisher: Beep Games, Inc.
Developer: Beep Games, Inc.
Release: April 18, 2017

Publisher: Tower Up Studios
Developer: Tower Up Studios
Release: January 29, 2017

Westerado: Double Barreled
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Developer: Ostrich Banditos
Release: December 8, 2016

World II: Hunting Boss
Publisher: E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.
Developer: Good Games
Release: July 14, 2016

World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap
Publisher: Neocore Games 
Developer: Neocore Games
Release: December 29, 2016

Xbox Fitness
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Sumo Digital
Release:  November 22, 2013
"Microsoft has announced a new service for Xbox One called Xbox Fitness. The feature will bring top exercise programs to the Xbox One, including P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michaels, and others. The hook is that the fitness programs will use the Kinect sensor to measure heart rate, muscle use, and workout intensity. Furthermore, the program will use your past workout history to recommend the right program for you." - Mike Futter

Publisher: Nangok Software
Developer: Nangok Software
Release: June 6, 2017

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition
Publisher: EXOR Studios
Developer: EXOR Studios
Release: June 30, 2014