Some gamers get an adrenaline rush from cruising down the virtual road at hundreds of miles an hour. For those who need a little more danger injected into the proceedings, I suggest you check out Calibre 10 Racing Series.

This spiritual successor to the XBLA underground hit Harms Way injects player controlled gun turrets into the mix to spice up the otherwise traditional racing. Four teams of two players compete against one another, jockeying for first place while trying to run opponents off the road with well placed ordnance strikes. Instead of letting the shooter ride shotgun, developer Bongfish chose to give them control of turrets stationed around the race course. Only one player can occupy a turret at once, so you need to pick your shots well when you finally jump to an open turret and get an opposing racer in your sights.

The player behind the wheel has a more complex task at hand. In addition to avoiding enemy fire, he or she must carefully navigate the track to receive the optimal upgrades scattered around the course and avoid the ones that penalize either the driver or the shooter. Power ups include a temporary shield, nitro refills, and upgraded turrets. Drivers can also replenish nitro by performing drifts.

Look for Calibre 10 Racing Series on Steam early access next week. An Xbox One version is also tentatively scheduled for the fall.