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Infamous: Second Son's Wildest Powers Exposed

by Jeff Marchiafava on Mar 19, 2014 at 11:39 AM

The Infamous series has always focused on messing around with cool super powers in a giant open-world city. Infamous: Second Son isn't looking to change that, but so far Sucker Punch has been reticent to discuss what kind of extraordinary abilities players will have at their disposal. Luckily, Game Informer's resident screenshot analyst is here to surmise the super powers we will totally maybe see in Infamous: Second Son.

I might not be able to bench press a truck or shoot lightning bolts out of my hands, but I do have one super ability: the power of deductive reasoning. I've used this amazing skill to glean invaluable information about myriad video games in the past, all from the scantest of clues. I've analyzed Pokémon, BioShock Infinite's enemies, and the fashion sense of Devil May Cry's characters. I've even used my super abilities to dig up some little-known facts about Kratos, assess the potential of Luigi's solo career, and come as close as anyone to figuring out what the hell is going on in Tokyo Jungle.

Now I'm focusing my super-powered gaze at some Infamous: Second Son screens. What kind of abilities will protagonist Delsin Rowe acquire? Let's take a look.

Super Power #1: Lava Hand
Delsin's first super power is...having one of his hands catch on fire? I'm not sure that even counts as a super power; you could easily get the same effect by sticking your hand in a pool of molten steel. As I recall, that was pretty much the entire plot of Johnny Tremain – Sucker Punch should make a video game about him next. On a side note: Having enough "flair" on your vest to land a job at T.G.I.F.s is not a super power, and shouldn't be attempted by anyone.

Super Power #2: Arms On Fire
Now both of his arms are on fire. It appears he's using it as some kind of rocket jump. Not only does it look impractical, it also must be super painful. I'm starting to question how good of a super hero Delsin is. Do all of his powers end with third-degree burns?

Super Power #3: Groin Stretches
I'm not sure if this is Delsin in a fancy combat suit or some other super-powered character, but you can't discount the importance of stretching before strenuous physical activity. Groin Stretches might not sound like a cool ability, but imagine how lame you'll look grabbing your crotch and rolling on the ground after a failed attempt to jump over a skyscraper.

Super Power #4: Invasion of Privacy
Look, just because you're a super hero doesn't mean you can go around filming strangers with your smartphone. Remember the classic super hero adage: "With great power comes great responsibility?" I'm pretty sure one of those responsibilities is not being a creepy jerk.

Coming Up Next: Hopefully some better super powers than the stinkers we've seen so far...

Super Power #5: Gloomy Gus
What, you think Heavy Rain's Ethan Mars had a monopoly on being mopey? Thanks to his Forlorn Video Game Character super power, there's no party Delsin can't piddle on. With an expression this boring, how could anyone argue that video games aren't an art form?

Super Power #6: Super Head Punch!
Holy crap, Delsin's fist is going straight through that guy's face! Just when I was starting to think all of his powers were lame, he pulls out a crazy death punch. Where is that guy's brain right now?! This more than makes up for all the duds.

Super Power #7: Exploding
Here's another potentially painful super power; Delsin can apparently blow up on command. That might be cool though, right? I mean, there was that guy on Heroes whose super power was blowing up, and we all know how that series...

Sucker Punch has made a terrible mistake.

Super Power #8: LSD?
You might not consider acid-induced hallucinations a super power, but anything that can transform you into a beam of pure light qualifies in my book. Just remember kids: Don't do drugs. Unless you want to be a super hero – then you pretty much have to do drugs.

Coming Up Next: I wish I could tell you that I saved the best powers for last, but super lying isn't one of my special abilities...

Super Power #9: Hipster Beanie Cap
Is wearing a hipster beanie cap a super power? No? Then someone should tell Delsin to take that stupid thing off of his stupid head. It's not even cold in Seattle!

Super Power #10: A Lightsaber?
I don't get it – where did Delsin find a lightsaber? Is there some kind of Infamous/Star Wars crossover promotion I'm not aware of? Either way, lightsabers are certainly cool, but they're not a super power.

Super Power #11: ???
I can't even tell what's going on in this picture. Apparently Delsin is turning into a bunch of sequins while trying to climb onto an enemy's back. That or he's farting as obnoxiously as possible. I think he learned that super power from Dan Ryckert.

Super Power #12: Ascending to Heaven
Delsin's final super ability is also the most surprising: He can ascend to heaven, leaving behind a majestic trail of shimmering flowers. The only downside? You can only do it once.

Infamous: Second Son comes out Friday, March 21. To see some of Delsin's real super powers in action, check out our recent Test Chamber.