In a few weeks, the game of the year is going to launch. No, I'm not talking about Borderlands 2, or Black Ops II, or Assassin's Creed III. I'm talking about the upcoming PSN survival action game, Tokyo Jungle. If you're not familiar with the title, prepare yourself for a crash course in crazy as we take a look at what screenshots of Tokyo Jungle tell us about the game.

But First, The Plot:

Tokyo Jungle can be aptly summed up in two words, those words being "totally" and "bonkers." It takes place at an undetermined time in the 21st century after humans have abandoned Earth, leaving behind its cities to the animal kingdom. There are over 50 playable species, ranging from the ferocious lion to the slightly less intimidating Pomeranian. PlayStation CAMP hasn't released a lot of information to western audiences, but the following game screens tell us all we need to know.

Observation: In this first screenshot, we see that the denizens of Tokyo have abandoned their cars in the road. These gazelles seem to favor standing on top of automobiles.
Conclusion: Gazelles are the party animals of Tokyo Jungle, as they obviously enjoy car surfing. They also appear to be ostracizing the deer in the right-hand corner –probably because he's telling them to stop goofing around and forage for food. No one likes a party pooper.

Observation: In this screenshot we see another gazelle, this time being chased across a rooftop by a clan of hyenas.
Conclusion: Well, well, well. Looks like someone should have spent less time car surfing and more time watching out for predators. Next time, listen to the bossy deer.

Observation: Here we see a dog with a fish being confronted by a grizzly bear.
Conclusion: While it may look like these two beasts are about to engage in a fight, the presence of the fish suggests the animals have actually arranged a sophisticated bartering system. Here, the bear is taking up Gandalf's classic "You shall not pass!" stance; odds are he controls the road the dog is traveling on, and is willing to allow passage in exchange for the fish.

Observation: This screenshot features a group of cats striking predatory poses. Also, they're wearing hats.
Conclusion: First of all, where did these cats find cat-sized helmets? And how did they put them on? The only logical conclusion is that cats have evolved into sentient beings. However, their superior intelligence won't save them from the likes of bears and hyenas, hence the hardhats.

Obervation: A feral cat appears to be eating the ribcage of a human being?
Conclusion: Holy crap, I guess cats aren't as wimpy as I thought. And this one isn't even wearing a helmet! I guess we know where all the humans went...

Observation: Amongst the dilapidated streets of Tokyo, a dog stands stoically in an unusual outfit.
Conclusion: I'm pretty sure this dog is wearing the traditional garments of a Japanese wizard. Thus the logical conclusion is that this dog used to be a Japanese wizard. The fact that he's now a dog suggests that he wasn't very good at wizardry.

Observation: In what appears to be a sewer system, a beagle stands on the haunches of another beagle.
Conclusion: Some may think these dogs are about to engage in some hanky panky, but the environment suggests an alternate theory. What are two dogs doing in the sewers? Clearly they must be lost, and the mounting dog is merely attempting to get a better view of their surroundings in hopes of finding a way out.

Observation: Similar to the last picture, a panda is standing on the haunches of another panda. Additionally, a heart appears to be emanating from the submissive panda.
Conclusion: Okay, these pandas are totally doing it.

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