Players have gone on countless revenge quests with Kratos, but there's still a lot about gaming's favorite god killer you might not know. In preparation for God of War: Ascension, here are some dumb facts about Kratos that are in no way meant to be funny.

Dumb Fact #1: Kratos Is A Great Friend
Kratos has developed a reputation for being a bit of a hothead, due to all the god killing and whatnot. But the truth is he's actually a pretty good guy when you get to know him. Whenever one of his pals moves into a new home/castle/underground torture dungeon, Kratos always volunteers to help them move, and doesn't make up excuses in order to avoid doing the heavy lifting.

Dumb Fact #2: Kratos Was A Drama Club Member
Kratos is known for adding a bit of flair to his acts of deicide, but his love of drama started long before his quest for revenge. When he was younger, Kratos was a member of his high school's drama club, where he wrote, directed, and starred in a stage adaptation of his favorite movie, Angels in the Outfield.

Dumb Fact #3: Kratos Tried To Be A Blacksmith
At one point during his god-killing career, Kratos briefly entertained the notion of pursuing a new line of work. His love of finely crafted weapons drew him toward a career in blacksmithing. Kratos even landed an apprenticeship with a respected blacksmith, but things went horribly wrong as soon as his mentor handed Kratos a hammer.

Dumb Fact #4: Kratos Briefly Had A Medical License
Blacksmithing wasn't the only other job Kratos pursued unsuccessfully. His expert knowledge of human/monster anatomy allowed Kratos to fly through medical school, but his career as an optometrist ended in court with a messy malpractice suit...

Dumb Fact #5: Another Failed Job
Kratos' brief stint as a chiropractor also didn't end well.