Remembering DC Comics' Canceled Lobo Game

by Andrew Reiner on May 23, 2022 at 02:30 PM

I was just telling a friend that I would love to see a Lobo television show that draws inspiration from The Mandalorian and Deadpool. Picture an intergalactic bounty hunter with an attitude problem – that's basically Lobo. He first appeared in an Omega Men comic book in 1983, and after bouncing through dozens of DC comic book series for decades, finally made his live-action debut in an episode of Krypton. The point being: We need more Lobo.

He's a wild character who almost starred in his own video game in 1996. Ocean of America was hard at work on a fighting game starring Lobo for Super Nintendo and Genesis. As the fact sheets below show, the developer apparently had most of the gameplay details worked out. The canceled project included moves like "Ram Grenade Down Throat," "Blow Opponent in Half," and "Fire Hole Through Opponent." The setup is what you would expect: Lobo must kill everyone who stands in his way. He even has to murder a clone of himself. Below are a number of fact sheets from Game Informer's archives that outline the project, and a gameplay video from a prototype.

I doubt we'll ever see Lobo in a game, but there's a chance more DC characters like Wonder Woman will get their own projects. Which DC hero do you think deserves a shot at a game next? Let us know in the comments section below.