From The Game Informer Archives: Fact Sheets From The Canceled Lobo Game

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 08, 2013 at 07:24 AM

You've heard about Game Informer's vault, a room dedicated to thousands of games from yesteryear. You haven't heard about its less sexy counterpart, Game Informer's filing cabinets. While you won't find anything playable within their drawers, it's loaded with press releases and fact sheets from the '90s – some of which highlight games that were unceremoniously canceled.

We had forgotten about these cabinets ever since we moved them to a small office on Game Informer's administrative floor. When Jeff Cork started work on an upcoming Classic GI feature, we couldn't find any information for a particular game on the Internet, yet we knew details existed at one time. This reminded me of the filing cabinets. When I first started working for Game Informer, one of my monthly duties was to archive every page that was sent to us from publishers and developers. I knew we had something on the game Jeff was investigating.

We put on our dust masks and started rifling through the cabinets. We found what Jeff was looking for, and also stumbled across paperwork for dozens of canceled games, including Ocean of America's Lobo, a Super Nintendo and Genesis fighting game that was due to release in May of '96. Below is all the paperwork we have for the game. As you can see, the ESRB ratings weren't quite solidified. The canceled fighter included moves like "Ram Grenade Down Throat" and "Blow Opponent in Half" and "Fire Hole Through Opponent," which earned the game a Kids to Adults rating. The sheets detail the playable characters and their special moves.

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