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Grand Theft Auto V New-Gen PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X/S pricing

Grand Theft Auto 5: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S Pricing Revealed, No Free Upgrade Paths

by Wesley LeBlanc on Mar 08, 2022 at 12:37 PM

Rockstar has revealed the pricing for the new-gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V, which will hit PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S next week on March 15. 

Starting today, you can pre-load the game, and as a result, the pricing for these versions has been revealed on digital storefronts, as reported by IGN. Alongside the pricing, the digital storefronts also reveal that there are no free upgrade paths for owners of existing versions of GTA V. If you want to play the new-gen version of this game, you’re going to have to pay some money but depending on where you plan to pay, you might pay more or less.

Here’s a look at the costs: 

PlayStation 5

  • GTA V will be 75% off for its first three months after launch, meaning it will cost you $9.99. After that, the price will jump back up to $39.99. Buying this at launch at $9.99, or sometime after three months for $39.99, will get you both the single-player campaign and GTA Online. 
  • GTA Online on PS5 will be free in its first three months. After that, the standalone version of GTA Online, meaning the version that does not include the single-play story campaign, will cost $19.99. 

Over on Xbox Series X/S, things (oddly) get a little pricier.

Xbox Series X/S

  • GTA V will be 50% off for its first three months after launch, meaning it will cost you $19.99. After those three months are up, it will cost $39.99. This version includes the single-player campaign and GTA Online. 
  • Unlike on PlayStation 5, GTA Online on Xbox Series X/S will not be free in the first three months, but it will be on sale for $9.99. After those first three months are up, the standalone version of GTA Online will cost $19.99. 

GTA V hits new-gen consoles next week on March 15. While waiting, read about how you can transfer your GTA V story progress now. After that, check out this story about how the next Grand Theft Auto game is in active development

[Source: IGN]

Are you picking up Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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