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Persona 4 Is Finally Steam Deck Compatible

by Jason Guisao on Feb 17, 2022 at 08:10 AM

Did you miss out on Persona 4 when it took the world by storm in 2008? Did you also miss out on its augmented "Golden" edition? I did. Even though the latest version has been miraculously available on the Steam storefront for a little under two years, Persona devotees were disappointed to see the JRPG absent from the Steam Deck's list of supported games. However, the portable PC's latest software update should please any Atlus fans looking to relive their fond memories of playing Golden on the go. Persona 4 is finally Steam Deck compatible.

According to Polygon, the recent upsurge in Persona 4-Steam Deck enthusiasm stems from a highly-requested, but still nonexistent, Nintendo Switch port. Seeing as how a bevy of Atlus' best titles – namely, P3, P4, and P5 – are exclusive to specific consoles or flat-out unaccessible without emulators, a swath of Steam Deck purchasers are looking forward to diving into Golden almost a decade after its PS Vita launch. Thankfully, players will get the chance to experience one of the best JRPGs in recent memory next week.

Persona 4, like the other acclaimed installations in the franchise, chronicles the everyday lives of high schoolers as they grapple with love, grades, and philosophical alter egos in flashy dungeon-crawling/turn-based action sequences. Murders are plaguing the small, rural town of Inaba, and it's your job to get to the bottom of the disturbing, world-bending mystery. 

Like many of you, we loved Persona 4 Golden. Kimberley Wallace gave it an 8.5 in her review and concluded:

"Persona 4 Golden's greatest strength is that everything fits together seamlessly, from the connected battle and social aspects to the fresh changes. Newcomers are sure to find plenty to love, while series veterans can revisit fond memories and experience new content. This game still remains one of the best RPGs to date; don't miss out on your second [or, in this case, third] chance to experience it."

For more Persona content, check out my wishlist for Persona 6, which Atlus boldly claimed will be "a 6 which exceeds 5."

[Source: Polygon]

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