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Playdead Releases New Image Seemingly From Game 3, The Studio’s Untitled Game In Development

by Wesley LeBlanc on Dec 07, 2021 at 12:04 PM

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Playdead has seemingly released a new image from its third game in development, which goes by the name Game 3 as it does not yet have a formal title. 

Playdead is one of the most intriguing developers in games and in no small part due to the mystery around their games. It isn’t a very public studio, opting to tease out an image here or there rather than a full blog post with trailers and more like many others in the industry. And it’s seemingly not beholden to any kind of timelines...because the studio just releases games when it wants to, and it works – both Limbo and Inside reviewed really well, especially here at Game Informer

That mystique around Playdead remains with the studio's third game in development. The latest look at Game 3 comes by way of a tweet advertising jobs available at the Copenhagen-based studio. 

Here's a better look at the image seemingly from Game 3:

As you can see above, the tweet is quite innocuous – one part a celebration of Playdead’s 15th birthday and another part a link to jobs that are open there. It also features a mention of the time it takes Playdead to develop games. Limbo, its first title, took six years, and Inside, its second, also took six years. Inside came out in 2016, which means if Playdead is sticking to its six-year tradition, Game 3 should be out next year. Perhaps that’s why the tweet mentions Game 3 and includes a new image from it. As for what this image is, though, that’s anybody’s guess. 

It could be an actual screenshot from the game, but it could also be concept art. On that same note, Playdead’s art style resembles that of concept art, so it’s hard to even tell the difference between the two in relation to Playdead's other titles. Regardless, we’re excited.

As you can see in the image, it features what appears to be an astronaut stumbling upon an old, frosted-over vehicle. The vehicle appears to be under a large concrete building or possibly a massive rocket ship (the cylinders on the left kind of look like rocket boosters). One interesting thing to note is that the astronaut is walking forward in what appears to be a 3D space. Both Limbo and Inside tasked players with moving right and left across a screen in 2D environments. Perhaps Game 3 has made the jump to 3D movement and exploration. 

Only time will tell for now. While waiting to learn more about Game 3, read Game Informer’s Limbo review and then check out Game Informer’s Inside review. Read this story about the E3 2021 trailer for Somerville, the new game from Playdead’s former CEO, after that. 

Are you excited about the new game from Playdead? Let us know in the comments below!

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