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New Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen Update Fixes Presage Exotic Quest, Battlegrounds Modifiers

by Liana Ruppert on Mar 02, 2021 at 04:14 PM

A new Destiny 2 hotfix has been pushed through for Season of the Chosen, and while it tackles much-needed fixes for Battlegrounds and the Dead Man's Tale Presage exotic quest, it also — thankfully — leaves the hilariously awesome 12-player raid bug intact

Bungie took to the game's official blog once more to detail what sort of changes the latest hotfix brings to the table. While some of the tweaks are minuscule, others tackle the more prominent problems, such as the spawn points in Presage and the lack of pinnacle drops. 

Battlegrounds changes

The latest update tackles Battlegrounds, a new activity introduced in Season of the Chosen. One highly reported issue centers around beneficial modifiers not working the way they are supposed to when taking on the different phases within the PvE instance. Hotfix addressed the issue that prevented specific modifiers from functioning properly during the Battlegrounds-specific activities.

Another issue addressed is where Colossus combatants would suddenly disappear from the battlefield, which interfered with being able to trigger the next step of the instance. This has also been fixed, alongside a few mistranslations in this event for Korean players. 

Presage changes

One of the instances with the Presage exotic quest to get the Dead Man's Tale scout rifle would spawn players in an area that isn't meant to be a spawn point, thus killing Guardians quickly either by enemies or by environmental factors (hello, rotating machine that crushed me to death five times in a row). This issue has been patched up, alongside the huge problem of players launching Presage without having the quest needed to make it count. 

While the fixes are in place for this quest, Bungie did note that there are still a few lingering concerns, and the problems will be addressed as soon as possible: 

  • When players attempt to launch the mission without the quest, there will not be error text explaining why. We plan to fix this issue in a future update.
  • Additionally, players may still launch their first Master activity without the Catalyst quest. We plan to fix this issue in a future update.

General fixes

Certain cutscenes and dialogue would trigger incorrect artwork for some players, and the latest patch addresses exactly that. Now mission scenes and voice-over should be more in line with the content provided as initially intended, but if you're still experiencing any overlap, you can report findings right here

Regarding the rest of the update, you can read the remaining official patch notes below: 


  • Penumbral Blast detonation damage increased to 80 base damage, reverting previous changes


  • Fixed an issue where players who didn’t own the Mindvault ornament would see it in the ornament bucket of the Insurmountable Skullfort, citing "Requires Mod Item" error ribbons


  • Fixed an issue where No Time to Explain's ornament couldn’t be selected or equipped on alternate platforms

Bounties and Pursuits 

  • Renamed the Cosmodrome Battlegrounds Activity to “Battlegrounds: Foothold” 
  • Updated the War Table Weekly Challenge name to “Honor and Glory” 
  • Fixed an issue where Presage was not granting Pinnacle rewards 
  • Fixed an issue where players could not reset their Valor rank when reaching Rank 4
  • Fixed an issue where “The Good Company” gilded triumph would sometimes not progress when a Guardian had died 
  • Fixed an issue where the Ticuu's Divination catalyst quest would not progress with explosion kills from the weapon
  • Fixed an issue where Chosen Destruction and Chosen Strength Focused Umbral Engram Lenses were not unlocking appropriately
  • Fixed an issue where “The Lightbringer Triumph did not complete for players after they had found all weekly Feathers for the "Bird of Prey" quest
  • Fixed an issue where the “Birds of a Feather” triumph was not completing appropriately

Thoughts on the latest update? Anything you feel like Bungie already missed (outside of the glaring Trials of Osiris complaints)? Sound off with your Destiny 2-driven thoughts in the comment section below! 

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