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New PS Now Games For March Include Infamous Second Son, World War Z, And More

by Jason Guisao on Mar 01, 2021 at 12:08 PM

According to the official PlayStation Blog, four games are coming to PS Now subscribers this month following the reveal of the PS Plus additions revealed last week. From superhuman powers to slow-mo shootouts, the upcoming games coming to PS Now this month include Infamous Second Son, World War Z, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, and Superhot. 

Sucker Punch’s Infamous Second Son follows Delsin Rowe, a Seattle-based street artist turned superhuman power sponge that fights against the sinister Department of Unified Protection (DUP); an all-knowing division of suits committed to putting “conduits” like Delsin behind bars and branding them as bioterrorists. Players will work to take down DUP and its harmful philosophies using Delsin’s array of unique skills that are siphoned from a variety of energy sources including storefront neon signs. 

World War Z is much like the Brad Pitt movie that came before it. Swarms of zombies topple over one another and even combine to bypass immovable structures and tear you apart. Fans of the Left 4 Dead series will feel right at home as World War Z’s four-player co-op capabilities  gives the game a real sense of freneticism. Set up traps and build makeshift strongholds (barbed wire and turrets among other usable defenses) to prepare for the horde. There’s even narrative and character cinematics for players that prefer a break from nonstop action. 

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is the latest chapter in the beloved aerial combat franchise. Take to the skyline and brave other skilled pilots, suboptimal weather conditions, and low altitude engagements. Editor in Chief Andrew Reiner enjoyed Ace Combat 7 and said, “For fans of this long-running series, this is the Ace Combat we’ve known and loved for decades, and it’s great to have it back. The dogfighting is rightfully the highlight and will give your reflexes a good workout.”

Finally, Superhot is all about intense gunfights with bullet-time mechanics and slow-mo cinematics that make you feel like a gunslinger right out of the Wanted film. When performing actions the world reacts in real-time, but when you stop in your tracks, everything screeches to a halt so that you can plan your next attack: Maybe simply firing at an enemy isn’t the answer, perhaps you’re better off flinging your gun at someone to stun them  and then immediately closing in for hand-to-hand combat to finish the battle. 

All four games will be available to PS Now users on March 2. World War Z, however, will only be available until September 6 and Ace Combat 7 is playable until May 31.

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