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Warframe Spring Content Preview Reveals What's Next

by Liana Ruppert on Feb 15, 2021 at 09:51 AM

Warframe continues to be a massively popular online experience to this day, which makes new content even more exciting for existing players. In a new video, Warframe's senior community manager Megan Everett shows off what players can expect with the Warframe spring content update. 

While there are quite a few new things revealed, I'm especially excited for the Octavia Prime form; musical attacks make everything better. In addition to this form, the studio also revealed a brand-new storyline for Warframe players to dive into as well as the new Call of the Tempestarii event that will challenge fans to learn more about the origins of Sevagoth, the newest Warframe. What's even more exciting about Sevagoth is that this design was entirely based on fan creativity, which makes the deep dive into its lore all the more exciting

Here is a breakdown for what spring will bring for Warframe: 

Call of the Tempestarii

This part of the update will explore Corpus-controlled Proxima regions while players take on new Railjack missions and scuffle with Void Storms to learn more about the ghostly Sevagoth. Who doesn't love a good mystery? 

Star Days

Star Days is the latest limited-time event that will allow players to take the holiday of love a little further with Ticker in Fortuna until February 25. This event will offer sweet themed-rewards for players, including the stunning Eros Ephemera. 

Octavia Prime Access

Music to our ears: Octavia Prime offers musical attacks, allowing players to create custom music to battle with, allowing fighters to combat approach each battle and fight to the beat of their own drum.

Lunar Renewal 

Lunar Renewal will kick off on February 16 to celebrate the Year of the Ox with freebie customizations to earn. Players will be tasked with completing Alerts with the option to enjoy three new bundles that include exclusive weapon skins, as well as more available in the in-game market. 

There are a lot of reasons to dive into the Origin System once more. What part of the spring content update are you looking forward to the most? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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