Warframe’s Deepest Mysteries Answered In The Second Dream Console Update

by Mike Futter on Dec 17, 2015 at 08:13 AM

Digital Extremes’ Warframe is getting a major update tomorrow, December 18, on PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One version to follow shortly. The Second Dream, a new quest, helps answer what exactly Warframes and the Tenno (player characters) are.

In addition to The Sentient Hunhow quest that reveals more about Warframe’s lore, players will get access to a new Ivara archer frame that uses four different trick arrows. Other abilities include the ability to stealthily rob enemies of loot, manually guide projectiles to their marks, and summon a powerful bow for enhanced damage.

There’s also a new PvP map and a new “sortie” system that improves end-game content. Sorties change daily and offer three missions. Completing the trip awards a drop from the current season loot pool.

You can check out two videos above. One covers the new Ivara frame. The other gives you an overview of the big changes coming in The Second Dream.

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Note: The release date for The Second Dream update was incorrectly listed. It is tomorrow, December 18 on PlayStation 4. An Xbox One update will be along very shortly thereafter. The story has been updated.