Among Us Is Now Available On Xbox Game Pass For PC

by Marcus Stewart on Dec 17, 2020 at 02:05 PM

Among Us is among everything now it seems. Okay that was bad, but you should know that the hit multiplayer game landed on Xbox Game Pass PC today after launching for Switch earlier this week. Among Us is also coming to the console version of Game Pass, but not until 2021.

The popular game tasks 4-10 players to work together to prep their spaceship for launch. The problem? One or more of the players is an imposter who must sabotage the mission by killing their crewmates without raising suspicion. The fun comes in working as a group to deduce the imposters, which often leads to hilarious (and sometimes heated) discussions filled with wild accusations and attempts at framing others. If the correct imposter(s) gets voted off, the crew wins. If imposters whittle down crewmembers to nothing, they walk away victorious. Make sure you have a sharp mind and a good poker face before gathering friends together for this one.  

What makes Among Us such an interesting story is that it actually launched in 2018 but didn’t find its popularity until this year, where it's blown up enough that even famous politicians want in on the fun. Among Us managed to snag the awards for Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile at this year’s Game Awards, to the surprise and teary-eyed delight of the tiny development team, InnerSloth. 

As with the PC, mobile, and Switch versions, Among Us on Xbox features full cross-platform play. It seems like gamers are running out of excuses to not give the game a shot, and with a new map on the way next year, it’s a good time to sharpen up those fibbing skills. You can check out our review of the game here as well as this clever Star Wars Battlefront II mod pitting the Among Us’ astronauts against the cast of Fall Guys.

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